You Probably Haven’t Thought About Email Subject Lines This Way…

An approach you should consider while crafting each email subject line you test or send

By now you’ve probably read our free report on the most successful email subject lines used by email marketers and email copywriters alike. These email subject lines focus on the psychology behind emotional responses and intrigue that we experience throughout our lives. However, beyond these actual email subject lines, there are specific ways to think about reaching your audience.

For instance, we publish an email newsletter each day, and multiple articles daily too. We try to avoid reader fatigue by presenting an array of subject lines and headlines. If we continually used the same email subject line archetypes, our readers might pick up on the stylistic approach and get tired of it. Which is why there are a few things to remember while creating email subject lines.

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First, use a variety of email subject line archetypes, including the 17 we often mention. Use hybrid email subject lines comprised of multiple archetypes because they create variety.

Second, think headline news while crafting email subject lines. As iContact says, “A good subject line will resonate with your audience and may act as a reminder to visit your website at a future point in time,” even if the email isn’t opened right away. Creating resonance with your audience is the tip that you may not be considering currently.

Finally, don’t forget to test your subject lines before you send to your entire list. Use a sample to see which subject line performs the best and then email to your audience.


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