Do You Know Why Web Users Don’t Click on Advertisements?

New data uncovers the main reasons why people avoid clicking on ads

The web is filled with an array of online advertising.

Although some online advertisers will tell you that they aren’t receiving as many clicks as they’d like, it’s reported by eMarketer that more than half of all users online have clicked on an ad within the last six months. This ranges from 58% of Internet users 15-24 years old to 76% of Internet users 55+.

An even higher percentage of Internet users took another action, such as researching or shopping for a specific product. This ranged from 61% of users 15-24 to 70% of users 55+. The 24-44 age group researched or shopped for products the most out of all age groups at 76%.

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These stats show there is effectiveness with advertising materials if the majority of people have clicked on an ad in the last six months, and even more have researched the product further.

However, there are still a number of reasons that stop users from clicking on ads. According to eMarketer, “the majority of users who declined to click did so based on perceived lack of ad trust or relevancy.”

The fear of getting a virus was cited by 21% of respondents while 18% said they didn’t want to navigate away from the webpage they were on. Trust in the ad and irrelevance were also popular factors that stopped people from clicking.

An interesting detail of the study showed that the youngest age group (15-24) and the oldest age group (55+) reported not noticing ads more frequently than the 25-54 year olds. Both of these groups are likely less familiar with the Internet’s evolution. eMarketer refers to the 15-24 year old group as being “desensitized to the effects of online advertising.”

How do you think online advertisers should build more trust with their audience members? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments.


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