Mequoda Transforms Its Publishing Strategy, Effective Immediately

After 18 years, Mequoda pivots to serve only current clients and build its own portfolio of consumer publishing properties.

Well, it’s been a great run from our early days of digital publishing—but now is the time for Mequoda to change.

Yes, we’re still a service provider to our existing clients and partners. And we’re fully committed to all of them. But, we’re no longer prospecting for new clients to build publishing website systems—rather, our business development efforts are now focused on seeking out new consumer-publishing opportunities of our own.

Please indulge me while I reminisce about Mequoda’s early days, researching and identifying online publishing strategies and tactics that were working. It’s gratifying to have been a leader in the movement to clearly identify and model the best digital publishing strategies. Let’s face it, in those days there were a lot of errant publishers who didn’t get it, didn’t realize that having a strategy and a plan for digital publishing matters … not just simply “having a website.”

And then Mequoda started advising publishers about how to make digital publishing work only to realize that the marketplace lacked the practical and affordable tools for building an awesome multiplatform publishing system. So we started building systems for clients on our own and advised clients about managing and optimizing their systems.

Eventually, the marketplace caught up and was suddenly flooded with a plethora of digital publishing and marketing tools, and technology.

Fast forward to pandemic times, and we found ourselves wanting to manage and operate our own consumer-publishing systems that filled under-served sectors … or to acquire a legacy consumer-publishing business and optimize and grow it. And so, Mequoda launched our own system Food Gardening Network in January 2021, and we acquired GreenPrints in November 2021.

The reality of our new times has caused us to reconsider Mequoda’s focus and strategy, and here is a summary of what all the changes mean:

1. Continue to Serve Current Clients and Partners

We are fully committed to continuing to serve our current clients and partners. This is, first and foremost, our top priority. Mequoda has built and managed many systems, and we’ll continue to advise clients and partners about optimizing their systems.

2. Discontinue Mequoda Daily, Mequoda Pro, and Mequoda Webinars for the General Public

Because of our new focus and strategy, resources used to manage, update, and promote Mequoda Daily, Mequoda Pro, and Mequoda Webinars have been reallocated, and we’ll discontinue publishing these products for the general public. Instead, we’ll continue to monitor and update our Mequoda Methodology and new and changing best practices—but only for our staff, clients, and partners.

3. Acquire and Launch New Publishing Systems of Our Own

Our new business development focus is to acquire and launch new consumer-publishing systems. We’re particularly interested in enthusiast categories such as crafting, cooking, and gardening—but we’re open to considering almost anything that has great potential. If you’re a legacy publisher and want to transition your life and sell your consumer-publishing property, please reach out to me or Kim Mateus, Chief Strategy Officer,

So, with this last message from Mequoda Daily, we wish you all the best with your publishing ventures.


    The end of an era…the world of online publishing will miss you…you were quite simply the best and decades ahead of your time…best of luck to you and Kim and the rest of your colleagues…live longer and prosper, Don


    Best of luck in your new direction!
    We benefited tremendously from our work with you, and I will look forward to hearing more about your latest ventures.


      Thanks for the best wishes… we all certainly learned a lot working together over the years.

      Hope all is good with you and yours!



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