More Visibility for Google Search Ads

Clutter or creativity; you be the judge

Google’s advertisements are getting some enhancements as of late.

Their Product Listing Ads, which have consisted of ad image, product description and price, are now being offered to all of Google’s advertisers. Originally this service was only offered to a select group of advertisers during its testing period.

According to the Inside AdWords blog, Google has found that “people are twice as likely to click on a Product Listing Ad as they are to click on a standard text ad in the same location.”

Some are expecting this change to mean better returns for advertisers and more revenue generation for Google. What do you think about this change? Will advertisements become more visual and more accepted? Or will this increase of imagery and ad space be seen as clutter? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And for more on Google AdWords Product Listing Ads, check out this Mashable article, which includes a video from Google explaining the ads in more detail.

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