New Digital Publishing Strategy for ‘The New Republic’?



Some major publishers recognize the opportunities for expansion that are found in digital publishing and have taken to hiring new staff members with a digital edge. This is the case at The New Republic, as Folio reports on the hiring of its new CEO, Guy Vidra.

Prior to joining The New Republic, Vidra was general manager of Yahoo! News, which received 60 million monthly visitors. “Vidra has a deep background in managing digital media. Before Yahoo!, he headed up business development at Perfect Market, a search optimization and monetization service provider for publishers. He also had a stint at The Washington Post, where he led an aggressive effort to migrate the paper onto mobile.”

In addition to hiring a new CEO who has a lot of experience with digital, The New Republic is launching a new tech investment section called The New RepublicFund, which will be used “to help fund and develop emerging and innovative companies looking to thrive in digital media.”

Read more about The New Republic’s digital enhancements at Folio.

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