New Tool Builds Segments for Internet Marketers

A new product caught my eye recently, as it boasts the ability of combining “real-time product level data with click and purchase behavioral and demographic data into a single source.”

This tool is the Segment Builder from iGoDigital’s Customer Intelligence Engine. It collects the habits of customers in real-time and creates a profile of them.

Although creating a portrait of a consumer is an Internet marketer’s goal, many people do not agree with data tracking. It’s been reported recently that 68% of search engine users don’t like their data tracked.

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Would collecting specific data that is more aligned with purchases be as undesirable as tracking search data, or would the consumer consider it a service to them?

This answer may change, depending on the specific group asked, but not everyone is against data targeting. For instance, 74% of UK consumers reported in a recent study from SDL Tridion that they do not mind having their online activities tracked. Additionally, 45% of respondents said they would prefer to have more personal messages sent, derived from tracking data, that provide them with products or services that would be of interest to them.

Internet marketers need to tread lightly while segmenting and targeting data associated with consumer behavior. However, for the companies with audiences that find targeting a beneficial service, a tool like Segment Builder may be a solution to providing the best options to consumers.


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