Publishers Redesign Websites for Modern Appeal

via Fortune

via Fortune

Three major publishers have made website design changes. Quartz, Fortune, and Bloomberg have all updated their websites to grab more attention and keep users more engaged.

Quartz has adopted the “infinite scroll” functionality, according to Digiday. This means that readers can read an article and go directly into another, and so on.

Similarly, the new Fortune website, which rolled out earlier this summer, incorporates the infinite scrolling ability, too.

Bloomberg’s redesign seems to have a focus on mobile usage. As Digiday points out, “The site’s design collapses into a single column on mobile, where readers can create lists of their most-watched companies and markets.”

The Bloomberg website also supplies investors with financial tickers in the right hand column, and the website links internally to other valuable sections of the financial website.

To learn more about these publishing website redesigns, visit Digiday.



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