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Tag: mobile usage

Statistics on Mobile App Users That’ll Steer Your Team Ahead

What’s up with mobile apps and the people who use them? Anyone publishing a digital magazine, or planning to publish one, must keep up with app user statistics. Recent mobile app user statistics bear out earlier predictions: We living in a mobile, mobile world.

Because we constantly survey the app field to keep our clients well-informed, we’d like to share some of the app user statistics of most interest to publishers.

Publishers Redesign Websites for Modern Appeal

Three major publishers have made website design changes. Quartz, Fortune, and Bloomberg have all updated their websites to grab more attention and keep users more engaged.

Mobile Usage is Still Growing

A recent article from Media Life Magazine discusses the Global Web Index’s new report on worldwide media consumption, which shares that mobile is growing faster than any other form of media.

Nielsen and IAB Addressing Mobile Audience Development

A recent partnership between Nielsen and IAB is designed to provide better mobile audience metrics to publishers and marketers.

Nadia Cameron writes, “The program is being jointly funded and delivered by Nielsen and is supported by seven key publishers. The first top-line market data is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2014. According to the bureau, the pilot will deliver both site and application mobile usage data at a brand level to advertisers, as well as samples from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets using an electronic mobile meter.”

10 Fastest Growing Mequoda Websites of 2013

Each year, as the Mequoda team gets together with our Gold Members at our annual Mequoda Gold Member Summit, there’s a bit of magic in the air, it feels like a family reunion. And like a family, we get together to share with each other all of the great things we’ve made happen over the past 365 days.

5 Tips for Better Mobile Email Marketing

Take advantage of the mobile market by offering great mobile email marketing pieces

Is mobile email marketing your best chance at generating revenue on mobile devices? There’s a good chance it might be because your email subscribers are a special group of people. They are interested in your content enough that they’re happy to hear from you via email. That’s a special relationship, particularly in today’s world of crowded inboxes.

WordPress Mobile Edition for Mobile Sites

How does your website look on mobile devices?

This is a question all online businesses need to be honest about. Mobile usage is quickly increasing, and expected to be more popular than desktop browsing within the next few years.

Since the smartphone and tablet markets keep growing, there is no reason to wait to develop and optimize your mobile site.

However, if you operate a WordPress website, the WordPress Mobile Edition plug-in may be the help you need.

Take a Glimpse into the Future of Mobile

New research shows how users regard their mobile device

You don’t have to know the exact numbers to know that mobile usage is huge.

According to a new study by Experian Simmons, 227 million Americans own a cell phone. This includes 91% of adults, 74% of teens and 22% of kids.

Google’s Acquisition Puts it in New Arena

Google Moves Boldly Into New ‘Construction’ Role

I once sat with Jack Kent Cooke, the late owner of the Washington Redskins football team and Los Angeles Lakers basketball team—and New York’s Chrysler Building—as he told me how he acquired the rights to own the expansion Los Angeles Kings hockey team. In his gravelly and boisterous voice, he shouted, “They [the opposing group] told me, ‘You can’t own this team; you don’t have anywhere for them to play.’ [The Lakers were a tenant in another arena at the time. I believe the new group had obtained the hockey rights for that arena.] I told them, ‘We’ll see about that!’ and I built the [“Fabulous”] Forum.” And he was indeed awarded the team.

This story came to mind this morning as I was reviewing the information around Google’s $12.5 billion purchase to acquire Motorola Mobility Holdings and its 17,000-plus patents—allowing it to enter the business of making cellphones and tablets. I was reading the Official Google Blog post from Larry Page, Google’s chief executive, announcing the deal.

3 eCommerce Tips for 2011

Strategies online publishers are using or considering in modern times

Sometimes commerce strategies emerge online that are truly remarkable by reaching consumers in right place.

For instance, mobile’s reach is enormous and has aided in sales for retailers. The iPad and subscription websites have also aided in creating better experiences for audiences. Below you will find more information on how mobile, the iPad and subscription websites have helped generate revenue in 2011.