A Key Component to Editorial Management

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses ways to properly engage in editorial management for online publishers

(Nationwide)—Successful online publishers include different types of emails into their editorial strategy. For instance, an editorial calendar created by a successful online publisher may dictate that an editorial email is sent five days each week, a promotional email sent twice per week and a week in review sent each week.

The days and times of these email campaigns should stay consistent from one week to the next. This way, audience members who rely on the content will be able to rest comfortably knowing that it is released at the same time each week.

It is also important to use different and distinct nameplates for each of the products. This diversity creates individual identities for the products and establishes “mini-brands”. Doing so helps promote sales.

Often times these different nameplates will have some consistency, like the color or the font used. Incorporating the main brand name in the nameplates will also keep a consistency and help in overall brand recognition.

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