4 Order Form Rules that Will Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Don’t expect to increase landing page conversion rates without following these four simple rules

Posting a landing page with a confusing or inadequate order mechanism is like opening a new Wal-Mart, but forgetting to install cash registers. What’s the point?

In direct mail advertising, one of the two most important elements of the package is the order form (the other being the outer envelope).

This checklist is especially important because if you get everything else right and blow the order mechanism, your sales letter landing page will almost certainly fail.

Landing Page Order Form Rule #1:  The sales letter is followed by a usable order flow.

There are so many sales letters on the web that could produce more orders if they were only tested by the companies that make them.

A client once had an unhappy customer who could not subscribe to the online newsletter because his credit card has an expiration date in 2015. The drop-down menu for credit card expiration date on their secure order form only showed the years 2008 through 2012.

The result: he could not use his credit card to join. A potential customer who was trying to give them money was turned away in frustration because the order form was up-to-date.

Your customers should be able to fill in the fields of an online screen and check boxes to select their preferences. Simplicity and brevity are priceless. Ask only for the information you need to process the order.

In traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, there is a theory of management called MBWA. It stands for “management by walking around.” Get out of the office and onto the work floor. Talk to people. Experience the business first hand, much like a customer would. For Pete’s sake, please test your order flows regularly!


Landing Page Order Form Rule #2: The sales letter includes a 1-800 number for phone orders.

If you’re not answering a question that the potential customer wants to know right away to make their purchase decision, they will be looking for an 800 number.

In addition, many customers still prefer to talk to someone on the phone to make their purchase decision. By providing an 800-number, you’re able to sell to them on the medium that makes them most comfortable.


Landing Page Order Form Rule #3: The sales letter includes an email address that they can send questions to.

For the user who has more time on his hands, but still wants to know more, you should be providing an email address for him to get a hold of you. For something more robust, like a membership product, you might even provide a chat function where they can get in contact with you right away.

Landing Page Order Form Rule #4: The sales letter includes a lead form that allows you to contact them.

Sometimes the potential customer isn’t ready to buy yet. Maybe they were forwarded the page a week before their paycheck, or maybe they just haven’t made a decision.

By asking for the customer’s email, you are able to keep those users in your database and remind them on a regular basis that the product or event is still available.

By giving your user as many means as possible to get a hold of you, you’re not only amplifying your chances of making a sale, but you’re lending credibility that there is an actual person or company behind the product that they want to buy.


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