5 Reasons to Test Your Landing Pages

Landing page testing is necessary for higher conversion rates

Who here is a landing page testing fanatic? I’m sure there are a few in the group. Landing page testing is a focus for some publishers, but unfortunately, not enough publishers and marketers. In fact, less than 45% of marketers have reported trying A/B tests. Only about 20% have reported trying multivariate testing.

Below I’ve listed five reasons why you should be testing your landing pages.

Reason #1 to test your landing pages – According to MarketingSherpa, 68.2% of marketers saw an increase in conversion when they altered their landing page depending on offers and search terms.

Reason #2 to test your landing pages – If you don’t test customization of your landing pages, you may never know which message matches work the best.

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Reason #3 to test your landing pages – Testing equates to efficiency. If you make major changes to your landing page designs without testing them, you may end up having to remove them at a later point in time. Of course, in this scenario time and resources would be wasted, and there’s a likely chance that you’d lose customers in the process.

Reason #4 to test your landing pages – If you have a gut feeling about changes that should be made to your website, you can test these feelings with scientific data to determine if your assumptions are correct and worth acting upon.

Reason #5 to test your landing pages – As the first reason points out, testing often leads to higher conversions. For many publishers, conversions lead to more revenue generation. So testing your landing pages is a way to enhance your online revenue streams.

Are you testing your landing pages? What are the reasons you’ve decided to do so? Please share your thoughts with the community.


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