Are You Annoying Your Readers?

First impressions are important; use this information to adjust your website strategy

We have all experienced websites that make you cringe. They can do so in a number of ways, but the outcome is typically the same: the user leaves the site as fast as possible.

Is your website sending the wrong signals and scaring away users before they can get a grasp on what it is you provide? If so, you will need to examine your tactics and take a look into some reasons as to why users leave websites and don’t bother to come back.

A recent article on eMedia Vitals discussed 10 ways to annoy website readers. The list included being intrusive and not being useful among others.

Personally, if a website is confusing and hard to use, I will leave it immediately and find a different website that can adequately meet my needs.

One specific mention the original article made involved not addressing mobile. I’m sure users who aren’t currently getting content through mobile don’t mind, but those numbers will change. Smartphone sales are expected to continue to increase and tablet predictions are high as well.

Read the original article on eMedia Vitals to protect yourself from annoying your readers.

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    I attended your talk at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY on Monday and tried to copy for my garden club the plant recommendations with very little paper so I could hardly read my writing when I got home and started to make a list.

    What were the recommended varieties of Lantana and coleus?
    And besides Petals from the Past, what was the other plant supplier you mentioned?
    Also do you think the Peggy Martin rose would do well as far north as Kentucky?


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