Auditing Your Website: Landing Page Templates and Beyond

Tips on how to make you website better

If your high-priority landing pages have design flaws or content errors, you may be missing out on fruitful relationships.

The website is the core of online business. If your site isn’t performing to its full potential, then your business is technically suffering. And although you may still see positive results and revenue generation, you’d likely be missing out on even better results.

For many, performing a site audit may seem like a major undertaking. Since there is such importance behind an audit, a defined system will allow you to be time efficient remaining thorough.

A recent article from SEOmoz includes a thorough process for auditing your website, which allows you to focus on your priority landing pages and your landing page templates.

If you are new to the process, don’t worry as the audit on SEOmoz walks through the process in an easily understood step-by-step manner.

The goal of this audit is to help you compile a document that consists of actions for improving your website.  If you create this document with prioritized actions, you will have a clear path to a more desirable website. A priority list can also be handed over to development teams to make the corrections, if that is an option for you.

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The website audit

Components of the website audit include the following:


-Duplicate Content


-Site Architecture

-Technical Issues



-Internal Linking

-Title Tags

-Meta Tags

The audit provides specific questions to ask yourself while analyzing each of those components. For instance, landing pages are looked at under the topic of content. Two of the questions to ask are:

-Do your landing pages have at least a few paragraphs?

-Is it landing page template text or is it completely unique?

For the detailed website audit, check out this article from SEOmoz’s.


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