Membership Website Mistake #9: Lack of Cost-Effective Paid Marketing

If you are not utilizing some form of paid marketing, you are limiting the size of your online business. Google Adwords pay-per-click campaigns, affiliate marketing partnerships, retailer partnerships and banner campaigns all help to sell your products for a percentage of the revenue.

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When building a business plan, you should be thinking about how to use paid marketing programs to scale up additional channels. Although organic and email together can easily account for 50-60 percent of your revenue generation, paid marketing options broaden your reach. For instance, retail partners with companies like Apple or Amazon can tap into new audiences who already have relationships with these companies. And since these are major retailers with strong reputations, your content is available to new, massive groups of consumers.

In closing, membership websites utilizing paid and affinity content models will help you attract more website traffic, build a larger community of core audience members and help you generate more revenue through multiple marketing channels.


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