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Tag: affiliate marketing

Selling Subscriptions While You Sleep

I woke up this morning thinking about all the great ways we’ve discovered to sell subscriptions on the Internet. Yes, these are the things that I dream about. The idea that while I’m deeply asleep, the systems we manage are busily selling subscriptions to magazines and newsletters and premium memberships that include all sorts of benefits to customers who are awake and spending money while I’m sound asleep makes me a happy guy.

10 Most-Read Multiplatform Publishing Posts of 2017

Our top-read multiplatform publishing posts of last year talk about creating strategies to increase revenue and value for everyone involved.
Multiplatform publishing strategies were a hot topic in 2017, and for good reason. Publishers are always looking for unique ways to increase revenue, and our top-read posts from last year include comprehensive information about each

Scaling Marketing for a Growing Product Line

Multiplatform publishers have a lot more choices – and decisions – to make about marketing campaigns. It’s almost enough to make even a strong person run screaming for the nearest direct mail package designer, isn’t it? But you don’t have to surrender to the confusion – paralysis by analysis is not an option!

How IMDb Uses CPA Advertising To Make Money Online

The first rule of choosing a business model that’s ad-driven is being sure that you can make more money from advertisers than from your own products. Clay Hall once said to me that the great thing about having your own products is knowing what your ad space is worth. Because why would you let an advertiser buy a space on your site for $12 per M when you can make $15-$20 selling space to yourself?

Ad-driven websites generate value from users and sponsors. Consumer-focused websites ask users to pay—not with money, but with time and information. They spend time viewing web pages, emails and RSS feeds, thus creating advertising inventory that can be used to sell the publisher’s products (internal advertising) and/or sold to third party sponsors (external advertising) on a CPM, CPC or CPA basis.

New Advertising Initiatives for Subscription Publishers in 2017

Subscription publishers are now looking at app buttons, branded podcasting, and intrusive marketing workarounds 
Subscription publishers have a lot of options when it comes to how they market their content online. We already know that content marketing provides high-quality content with value, so that’s already part of the process. But options for delivering and marketing that

9 Subscription Website Mistakes That Could Ground You

Because we quantify everything, Mequoda has identified nine (coincidentally) deadly subscription website mistakes that are commonly made when publishers build their online presence.

What to Consider Before Setting up a Subscription Website

Setting up a subscription website could be a costly test if you don’t think about these three things first
The answers are not always obvious, even to a seasoned print or electronic publisher. Setting up a subscription website from scratch is very different from running an existing enterprise. Our understanding of website publishing is rooted in

Video Monetization: Tips to Help Make It Happen

For regional magazines and niche publishers, video monetization is even more of a priority
Video monetization represents one of the great opportunities of the next five years for digital publishers, but success isn’t going to come easily, as the industry is still wrapping its head around it. As with many aspects of business for media companies,

How to Run an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Set up your marketing based on data and continual improvement to reap big profits
One thing that troubles publishers who are planning to make the move to multiplatform publishing is how to promote so many different products, especially given the new marketing channels that are available to us in the digital age.

As we’ve noted here before,

Ecommerce Publisher News: Vox, PopSugar, and More

Becoming an ecommerce publisher continues to attract publishing executives looking for alternate revenue streams rooted in their content and niche audiences. Selling products isn’t selling out; developing an ecommerce content strategy is an extension of multiplatform publishing.

Digital publishers already sell white papers and tickets to events; a food magazine selling recipe books or a fashion site selling shoes is the natural next step in internet revenue models for magazines, if you can pull off the infrastructure. Seeing how others are achieving just that is a good place to start.

Vogue Instagram a Source of Revenue

Vogue has developed a way to make some cash off of Instagram, Digiday reports.

5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic to a Site

Three or four times a year I get to help launch a new website. Given that we use organic sources like search engines, links from referring websites, and social media to drive qualified traffic, getting those first visitors to a new website is an interesting challenge. The tips provided below will help increase website traffic to a new website, or help an existing website increase website traffic, too.

SEO Preparedness: Focus on Audience Engagement

Tips on appeasing Google Penguin’s algorithmic changes

Google changes have been a popular topic as of late throughout the industry. Digital publishers and content marketers seeking safety from the wrath of Google have a few options.

There are numerous SEO professionals studying the effects of Google’s algorithmic changes and the reasons why websites get hit so hard. These penalties sometimes account for a loss in over 80% of overall website traffic.

Membership Website Mistake #9: Lack of Cost-Effective Paid Marketing

If you are not utilizing some form of paid marketing, you are limiting the size of your online business. Google Adwords pay-per-click campaigns, affiliate marketing partnerships, retailer partnerships and banner campaigns all help to sell your products for a percentage of the revenue.

How to Build an Audience with Free Strategies

8 sources for audience development

Attracting interested visitors to your website is the first step in successful audience development.

Yesterday in a session at the Mequoda Summit East 2011, Kim Mateus, Chief Content Officer at Mequoda Group, presented a case study from Knitting Daily.

Two Really Smart Affiliate Resources for Bloggers

Two great resources that benefit both affiliates and advertisers

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways that A-list bloggers make a majority of their revenues. Whether it’s links to Amazon products that they recommend, or sponsored products from companies in their niche.

Notes & Quotes from Affiliate Summit West

Tips from top bloggers on how to get them to write about you

This week I was in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West, just to simply learn a few tricks about affiliate marketing, in addition to the new rules and laws that surround promoting a product that someone is sponsoring or has asked you to blog about. This sort of thing wasn’t entirely regulated in the past, but the rules set out by the FTC a little over a year ago state that you need to be completely transparent and mark any kind of affiliate link as an affiliate link and a sponsored product or review as such.

ABestWeb Seeks Editor

Apply to become the editor for iNET Interactive’s affiliate marketing community,

This contract position offers an exceptional opportunity to become the editor for iNET Interactive’s affiliate marketing community, As Editor, you are responsible for creating and building a pipeline from user-generated and editorial content to ensure the property remains the premier destination for the affiliate marketing community.

Affiliate Media Inc. Seeks Managing Editor

Affiliate Media Inc. is a two-time Inc 500/5000 award-winning online publishing company focused solely on the affiliate marketing space.

Affiliate Media Inc. is looking for a rock star Managing Editor for two of their affiliate marketing websites, and

Three or more years of experience in content creation/management, web producing, and leading publishing efforts for medium-to-large size websites is required for this position.

5 More Ways to Increase Website Traffic and Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Here are more 5 ways you can improve your Internet marketing strategy that will increase website traffic and boost email marketing conversion rates

Set up an affiliate program. Find partners that are compatible within your niche. Well-established websites with lots of traffic are most desirable. Create a mutually beneficial (win-win) relationship with other marketers, and you can harness their influence to turn many of their customers into your customers. An effective affiliate marketing program depends on establishing trust. Make sure you keep track of your affiliate referrals and pay them in a timely manner.

Stay on topic. Personal stories are great, but every post should not be all about you, your family, or your experiences. Personal anecdotes can help the reader connect with you but it can get tiring, even annoying if overdone. Concentrate on high quality content that’s relevant to your readers. After all, that’s what they expect to receive.

Developing a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy

Our Internet Marketing Strategy focuses on multiple ways to maximize revenues by using the Internet as a major source of traffic and revenue. By including a variety of business-building tools, such as social media, link-building campaigns and online advertising, you will drive website traffic and increase revenue.

We’re all about free advertising but the fact is, paid media works. And sometimes it’s easier to buy website traffic than to rely on free media. A further advantage of buying traffic is that the publisher can pretty much control where and when the traffic will land on the site.

Wide Receiver Turned Sports Blogger

Lewis Howes turned a career ending football injury into a success blogging and speaking career

Is Daily Email Newsletter Frequency Right For You?

I suspect that 50 percent of Mequoda Daily readers should not be launching their own Mequoda System periodical website and daily email newsletter…

Paid Media

Print magazine or newsletter publishers traditionally generate 95 percent of their publication’s revenue by utilizing paid media — particularly direct mail, but also insert cards, billing and renewal inserts, card decks, perhaps some TV, and other direct-marketing sources. When these publishers establish an online presence, most continue to rely on paid media — particularly email offers to rented email address lists — as a major part of their promotional mix to drive traffic.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing encompasses a wide range of methods including search engine marketing, email marketing, viral marketing, affiliate marketing, display advertising, interactive ads and others. The nature of the Internet causes rapid and constant change in marketing, and new methods are always emerging. Internet marketers frequently combine several methods, such as email marketing and display advertising.

MarketingSherpa’s Selling Online Subscriptions Summit Take-Away #2

Make 2.0 Work for You

Setting Up a Mequoda Marketing System – Phase 1

The Internet Hub is a one of seven Mequoda Website Archetypes discovered by reviewing more then 2000 media websites. Like all Mequoda Website Archetypes, it has a limited set of core functions that make it efficient for completing a limited group of user tasks that are key to the success of an online publishing operation or Mequoda Marketing System.

Wanted: Director of Internet Marketing

Online Publishing Jobs

Strategic Profits is looking for a Director of Marketing to take responsibility for this rambunctious group, help them grow, and continue getting the outstanding results we are used to.

We are looking for someone that can handle acquisition and retention marketing efforts designed to drive website traffic and sales. These include paid and natural search, affiliate programs, partnership marketing/content integration programs, email marketing acquisition, and retention programs.

A Rare Opportunity for Your Company

Instead of our usual company-seeks-candidate job posting, today we bring a rare opportunity for your company. We have a candidate-seeks-company job posting that you should pay close attention to.

This isn’t just any ol’ candidate. This is a highly respected, highly qualified ecommerce director that I have great admiration for. He is a pioneer in the Internet marketing and publishing space and the company that hires him, in my opinion, will be extremely lucky, immediately grateful, and ultimately more profitable.

Twelve Ideas for An Effective Affiliate Marketing Program

The idea behind affiliate marketing is simple.

The concept is basic “pay for performance.” You recruit other Internet marketers to help you sell your website’s products or services in return for a portion of the gross.

When an affiliate enrolls in your program, you give her an affiliate identification (name or number) that she uses in the links and banners for your site that appear on her website. When visitors to her site click through to your site and make a purchase or join, you pay her a commission for bringing you the new member.

A General Manager to Drive Your Internet Marketing Strategy

What both types of CEOs have in common is the need for someone to execute their Internet marketing strategy on a day-to-day basis. Enter the Internet Marketing System General Manager and Publisher of your Mequoda Internet Hub.

Consumer Reports Membership Website Case Study

With 1.6 million paid subscribers, has more paid subscribers than any other publication-based website.

That may not be a huge surprise considering their print magazine has a paid circulation of 4.1 million and growing. Yet we can’t help but wonder, while so many other magazine publishers are still so confused about their Internet publishing model, how has Consumer Reports been so clear from the very beginning?

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Case Study

How to Make Money Selling Other People’s Books

Many of the best affiliates of are losing opportunities to make money. Poor navigation on their web sites and lack of attention to crucial details is preventing them from reaching their potential as moneymakers. Of the sites we reviewed, there are those that are doing outstandingly well, some who are gliding along, and others who are falling way behind. With a few critical changes, these sites could begin earning top dollar as affiliates.

Is Your Internet Marketing System What It Should Be?

While some Internet marketers use a single source to acquire new customers, others use an intricate Internet Marketing System of up to 13 programs to increase website traffic. What’s driving your Internet Marketing System?

How to Use Your Affiliate Marketing Network Program to Sell a $3000 Seminar

Learn how one information marketer used a two-step program to sell a three-day, $3000 seminar through his affiliate marketing network.

The Mequoda System: A Seven-Habit Website Management System

Successful website publishing in 2005 means creating happy users and healthy profits. Without both, no website will exist for long. All of the successful website publishers we’ve studied have one thing in common: a consistent management system for achieving success that includes a number of key behaviors that are repeated over and over to become organizational habits.

How to Launch a Successful Membership Website

What should you consider when starting a subscription-driven or membership website?

The answers are not always obvious, even to a seasoned print or electronic publisher. Starting a new website is very different from running an existing property. Over the past 10 years, my partners and I have worked on over 100 successful website startups, as well as several that were not successful.

Internet Media Review Names Best Online Book Marketer

Amazon affiliate has won the IMR Business Strategy Award 2004 for using best strategies and practices to make money selling other people’s books online. The other top 9 sites rated in the study do well, but would do far better if they followed a few simple rules.