The Landing Page Testing Roadmap

7 areas to test on your landing pages

On the subject of testing, some digital publishers and marketers aren’t fully sure what they need to test. Do you know what to test?

The first thing that would always come to mind in tests for me, pertained to email marketing and the subject lines used to get people to open. I equated this to landing pages and decided that the headlines of pages were important to test.

Of course, there are other areas of your landing pages that need to be tested as well. And many people forget that each of these areas play a part in converting casual visitors into registered members of your website.

Need an idea of areas you should be testing on your landing pages? Next time you are engaged with landing page optimization, pay close attention to these testing areas:

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What parts of your landing pages you should be testing

Landing page testing area #1: The number of fields in your registration form

Landing page testing area #2: Navigation. Does reducing the parts of your navigation lead to a reduction in friction?

Landing page testing area #3: Headlines

Landing page testing area #4: Calls to actions, including button color and design

Landing page testing area #5: The body copy

Landing page testing area #6: Graphics

Landing page testing area #7: Confidence elements such as your privacy policy, testimonials, BBB logo, etc.

These seven elements of your landing pages deserve to be tested, and will get you started on better optimizing your pages for more conversions.


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