The “Who Else” Formula for Writing Landing Page Headlines

People use formulas for a reason, and the reason is that they work. An example is the “who else” formula for writing headlines—”Who Else Wants to Speak French Confidently and Fluently in the Shortest Possible Time”.

The headline, while not brilliant, shocking or hypnotically compelling, is relevant and attention-getting to those interested in learning French.

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The subhead, “If You Answered “I Do!” then Please Read this Webpage and try my FREE 6-Day French Course Further Down the Page…” tells the visitor both to read the landing page as well as register for the free ecourse, which is offered in an embedded registration form within the body of the landing page—an increasingly popular method of capturing visitor email addresses.

The strategic intent of this landing page and headline is clearly to a) get the visitor to read the long copy and b) capture his email address.

The headline/subhead combination on this landing page achieves both goals with admirable brevity.


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