Using Internal System Plug-ins for Audience Support

Many niche, special-interest publishers have been focusing on customer relationships for years. There’s a passion behind the content shared by publisher and consumer alike. Plus, publishers realized building relationships directly with customers was necessary as their audience universes were much smaller than those of major banks or car brands.

Enhancing the user experience involves a combination of great content, interactivity and an efficient website.

To supply this experience, many publishers have turned to WordPress’ open source community to utilize a variety of plug-ins.

One great characteristic of WordPress is that its vast array of plug-ins provides assistance to both consumers and publishers. For instance, the Redirection plug-in helps publishers redirect one page to another if needed. Whereas a plug-in like Sexy Bookmarks allows users to easily take note and share the content they enjoy the most (helping publishers in the long run, as the content shared is often presented to new potential audiences).

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