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Archive for Audience Development Strategy

Audience Development Strategy posts focus on how to build a bigger online community by utilizing a number of different strategies. In this section you will find posts that combine multiple audience building techniques, blogging for audience development, descriptions of great audience development personnel and much more.

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7 Steps for SEO Success

It might be true that some sites are “winning” the search engines simply by existing and being a well-known reputable sources, like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal.

But it’s even more true that most of us have to work at it.

Don calls SEO “the new direct mail.” Keyword research and implementation is perhaps the most complex, yet effective way to drive the more search traffic to your website. The basic strategy of good SEO is that you can research your keywords, optimize your content, track your progress, and re-do the whole process.   Continue

10 Link Building Best Practices and 5 Things You Should Never Do

Link building in itself is sort of black hat. You’re putting in effort to create inbound links that weren’t created organically.

But as marketers, you have a duty to pay attention and try to build quality backlinks. Thankfully, there are still plenty of white hat, legitimate strategies out there for you to try.   Continue

SEO Campaigns Can Be the Key to Making Millions Online

You too can build a digital publishing empire with this Mequoda marketing method

Did you ever hear the one about the small, special-interest publisher who made more than $2 million from a single, 12-page PDF?

Would you believe me if I told you that content was free?

Believe it. It’s not a fairy tale – it’s a true story. We even use it to illustrate the beauty of strategic SEO campaigns in our upcoming webinar, The Mequoda SEO Campaign: Making Money from Free Content. And right now I’m going to share some secrets of Mequoda SEO campaigns just like it.   Continue

5 New Features in a WC Email Management System We Love

Can your email management system do all this?

A Mequoda System is built as a package to be SEO optimized, full of content, withstand a ton of traffic every month, accept payments and easily distribute content through social media and email marketing. To do this, we have ongoing relationships with companies like PayPal (payment processing) and WhatCounts (email delivery) and custom API’s built to move everything around seamlessly. While the system is based in WordPress, once we’re done with it, it’s a complete content management and e-commerce system.   Continue

Search Engine Marketing Consulting: Finding Mr. Right

When it comes to SEM, publishers are very, very special

There are literally hundreds of individuals and companies on the Internet who call themselves a search engine marketing consulting firm. One such firm even promises to get you ranked in the first four spots in Google search results without a website – using YouTube and custom-made videos instead. (It’s an interesting proposition: When Google is taken out of the mix, YouTube is actually the second largest search engine today.)

Of course, you might ask yourself, when you’re looking for the perfect search engine marketing consulting firm: If that company isn’t on Page 1 of Google results, how can they promise that they’ll get me there?   Continue

The Most Interesting Email Marketing Statistics of 2012

A look at email marketing statistics you must know

Email is the cornerstone of your audience development and product selling goals. An online editor’s primary responsibility is to reuse, recycle and repurpose premium information product content as free email newsletters and website posts. If you’re a Mequoda System editor, your main goal is to build the largest opt-in list of subscribers possible. These subscribers will ideally buy lots of premium information products from your organization.   Continue

Learn How to Make Millions with a Content-Driven Website

You may never be Rupert Murdoch.

But you could become Consumer Reports, Morningstar, Meredith or any of the many publishers who are currently making millions from their content on the Internet by attending Mequoda’s Internet Marketing Intensive this January in New York City.   Continue

How to Increase Online Publishing Revenues … Exponentially

Gutenberg is dead. And you will be, too, if you don’t make the transition now to meet the public’s growing demand for digital information.

Fortunately, there is one resource, one unique program that can change the way you, your staff and your entire organization think of the Internet and help you catch up to the future. Mequoda’s Internet Marketing Intensive has guided some of the oldest and most respected publishing companies in the world including Meredith, Rodale, Interweave and more, in growing a single-digit percentage of their revenue from online sources to earning 20%, 30%, 40% of their revenues digitally. And because the demand for digital products is growing exponentially, so will their revenues.

Will yours?   Continue

The Strategies of a Successful Keyword Checker

So, you’re the keyword checker in your publishing company. Maybe you’re the editor, who writes blog posts and optimizes them for the web. Or maybe you’re the analyst who compiles the keywords for the editors and copywriters to use. Either way, your sacred title of keyword checker comes with great responsibility to help your business improve and get more traffic from your research. And not just new content either, so keep reading.   Continue

The Art of Tightly Focused Email Newsletter Templates

Components all email newsletter templates should share

We’ve discovered that the best performing email newsletters — those with the highest value, as measured by producing the highest revenue per thousand — reflect a total alignment between the subject line, headline, subhead, body copy, embedded text ads, display ads, and the featured product.   Continue

SEO Copywriting Tips for Writing Blog Posts

These SEO copywriting tips will help you rank higher, attracting new audience members

SEO copywriting is a unique creature, pairing creative content with technical guidelines. To be successful at the craft, one must strike a chord with the audience members by appealing to their emotions, self interests and mind set, following keyword phrase parameters that have been created by Google.   Continue

Last Chance: Learn how to Write a Great Sales Letter Today!

Last chance to register for today’s live webinar on crafting breakthrough sales letters

If you don’t know how to write great sales letters, you will fail as a copywriter.

This sentiment resonates even more online. Words are the key to audience development and content marketing revenues online. They are more important than ever before – are you prepared?   Continue

Are You Letting Search Engine Copywriting Defeat or Discourage You?

Where there’s a search engine, copywriting must follow

Once upon a time at another company, far far away, the editorial director wandered over to the marketing department and asked me to rework the leads in the articles our highly-educated writers were producing. These articles were written about the business side of the biopharma and device industries, and could by their very nature be rather dry, which was unfortunate because the leads were used as teasers to sell individual articles online.   Continue

5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic to a Site

Three or four times a year I get to help launch a new website. Given that we use organic sources like search engines, links from referring websites, and social media to drive qualified traffic, getting those first visitors to a new website is an interesting challenge. The tips provided below will help increase website traffic to a new website, or help an existing website increase website traffic, too.   Continue

Receive a Complimentary Direct Response Sales Letter Template!

Join us Dec. 4 for Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters and receive a template you can use for creating killer direct response copy

It’s called copywriting for a reason!

All of the best copywriters steal techniques, subject lines, and calls-to-action from other writers, then they test the copy on their own audiences.   Continue

Tracking Primary Keyword Phrases with Three Uniquely Different Tools

Your primary keyword phrases, also known as keyword clusters, are typically based on your most broad keyword phrases. These keywords are usually topics or main categories on your website.   Continue

Can You Write a Blockbuster Sales Letter?

Our Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters webinar will teach every element to writing emotionally charged sales letters, proven to increase conversions.

Unique selling points (USP) were introduced to marketers more than 70 years ago, and their ability to convince consumers to buy is still strong today.

The main reason unique selling points still work is because they focus on the benefits of products, not just the features.

Our Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters 90-minute webinar on Dec. 4 will share the process of creating a USP for your next sales letter. This webinar won’t only share 17 tips all copywriters must know; it’ll transform you into a better copywriter through direct interaction with a seasoned copywriting expert.   Continue

An Email Marketing Service is Small Business’s Best Friend

What should your email marketing service provide?

Email is technology’s gift to marketers. For good or bad, it allows companies to send word of their products and services into the inboxes of millions more people than your average direct mail sent to households at street addresses – 3.3 billion accounts, with more than 90% of Americans using email every day, according to MarketingSherpa’s Benchmark Survey. It’s faster, cheaper, interactive, trackable and more immediate than just about any communication technology we’ve ever had.

That’s why at Mequoda, getting our message into all those inboxes is one of the cornerstones of our method.   Continue

Is Business Failure an Option?

Publishing is at a crossroads. Are you ready?

No one is in business to fail. But with demand for digital content off the charts, no one can afford to put off making the transition to online publishing. Why, in just a few weeks, Newsweek will publish its last print edition ever. Are you ready to make Internet publishing your main – or only – revenue source?

If you or anyone in your organization needs to catch up to online publishing … if you have new team members or want to promote staff to online publishing positions … if you have the slightest doubt about your organization’s readiness to tackle the digital world, the Mequoda Internet Marketing Intensive is mandatory.   Continue

Discover your Keyword Competition with these Four Tools

We tend to spend hours upon hours optimizing our sites and articles and rarely give a thought to who’s competing for those same keywords. Competition has gotten fierce since the last Penguin update and it’s more important than ever to check your rankings and try to capitalize on those niche keywords.

So how can you find out who’s competing with you? Think of this article as the research guide for the friendly game of keyword competition. May your best articles out-rank!   Continue

The Holistic Approach to Digital Publishing

The Internet Marketing Intensive is characterized by the comprehension of its parts

The Internet Marketing Intensive is a holistic program. It’s designed to take all things digital, and put them in the context of your overall digital publishing strategy. This program isn’t a tactics course; it’s a strategy program.

If you must meet the needs of current digital marketing and publishing best practices…   Continue

We’re all Website Copywriters … Aren’t We?

Good website copywriting doesn’t grow on trees*

I spent years perfecting the art of making my words reader-friendly, clear and informative.

Then I had children, who went to high school and college, where they were forbidden to write words that are reader-friendly, clear and informative.   Continue

6 Email Newsletter Layout Elements You Shouldn’t Skimp On

Obvious email newsletter layout elements that publishers often forget to style

The reason you create white papers and special reports is to build a large and thriving email list. Since you’re putting so much effort into creating that list, it only makes sense that your email newsletter looks its best, right?   Continue

Email Subject Lines: Examples Responsible for Higher Open Rates

Five email subject line archetypes that’ll have your audience opening

You have to hire the next copywriter at your organization and don’t know where to begin. Does this sound like a familiar scenario?

In today’s digital world, you must find a person who can write for the web – especially an email copywriter who has the flair of direct response copywriting, yet understands the delicacy surrounding online communities.   Continue

2012 Rocket Award Winners Announced

Who’s the biggest audience development success of the year in the Mequoda family – and how did they do it?

Of more than 60 Mequoda systems, one publishing website has achieved higher traffic growth than all the others during a 12-month period ending June 2012. For the fourth time, Mequoda has honored that digital publisher with its Rocket Award at the Audience Development Summit 2012.   Continue

A “Perfect” On-Page SEO Template for Blogs

A step-by-step guide to on-page SEO that will boost rankings and site traffic

Publishers are no strangers to search engine optimization, although it’s important to know that there are several dimensions of optimization, and they’re all necessary to get the most residual traffic from your most popular posts. For example, on-page SEO refers to the copy elements of the page – the words that are read by Google’s spiders. However, there’s also the website architecture portion – the code, plugins and other elements that make sure that all your great, optimized copy is getting read in the right places.

Once your architecture is in place, your day-to-day focus will be on-page SEO. So many editors get confused by the whats and the wheres of this process, but it’s actually much more simple than you’d expect.   Continue

SEO Campaigns Made Easy

Proven methods and a new idea for blockbuster SEO campaigns

A lot of people offer advice about the importance of SEO campaigns and SEO copywriting. And a lot of that advice tells you to start by developing a free report, then research your keywords and finally, write a landing page letter that’s been optimized for search engines using those keywords.

I’m not giving that advice.   Continue

Last Chance to Register for Audience Development Summit

Reserve your place at the Audience Development Summit now or miss out on two days of best practices, case studies and successful strategies for online publishing and audience development

As some watch digital strategies emerge and print publishers continue to struggle, we’ve designed a strategy for a new outcome.

The Audience Development Summit addresses the new publishing environment by showing publishers how to develop audiences online – an area where direct communication and sales can thrive.   Continue

Only 5 Seats Remain for the Audience Development Summit

Register now to join an elite group of publishers, CEOs, content marketers and editors as we teach how to build online audiences

If you don’t take your organization to the next digital level right now, it may be too late.

With new media options developing almost daily, and consumers demanding change, you must reach these consumers, develop relationships with them, and drive their attention to your body of content and the premium products you offer.   Continue

How to Quickly Determine Keyword Competition

So there’s an article you want to write, and you’re diving into your Keyword Universe, a giant spreadsheet that’s filled with columns of keywords ready for the taking and for optimization. Unfortunately on this day, there are keywords you want to use, but you have no idea how much competition is out there.

The quick answer is that it’s easy. Go to and search for your keyword in quotes. Below the search box, Google will deliver the number of pages that are competing for that keyword.   Continue

An Internet Marketing Winner: ONLY at the Audience Development Summit 2012

Who’s the biggest audience development success of the year in the Mequoda family – and how did they do it?

Of more than 60 Mequoda systems, one publishing website has achieved higher traffic growth than all the others in the past 12 months. For the fourth time, Mequoda will honor that digital publisher with its Rocket Award at the Audience Development Summit 2012. And then comes the fun stuff: You’ll find out exactly how they did it!   Continue

5 Tips for Better Mobile Email Marketing

Take advantage of the mobile market by offering great mobile email marketing pieces

Is mobile email marketing your best chance at generating revenue on mobile devices? There’s a good chance it might be because your email subscribers are a special group of people. They are interested in your content enough that they’re happy to hear from you via email. That’s a special relationship, particularly in today’s world of crowded inboxes.   Continue

5 Tips for Social Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s been stated before that adding social components to email marketing campaigns have led to higher engagement levels. Many publishers are now wondering what exactly constitutes as social email marketing campaigns.

For those wondering, combining social networking with email marketing is about more than including social icons in emails (although that is a good starting point).   Continue

Audience Development Summit 2012 just keeps getting better

Updated speakers, topics and roundtables for the Audience Development Summit 2012 – come on down!

No event is ever perfect, but we’re trying our best to achieve that for the upcoming Audience Development Summit 2012, Oct. 23-25 in New York City! We’ve added some amazing new speakers and uncovered great new information to share with our audience. Best of all, we’ve responded to popular demand, and all our sessions will now be interactive roundtables, allowing attendees to not only hear what our media marketing gurus have to say, but to follow up with questions of their own as well.   Continue

7 Steps to Assure Legal Email Marketing Techniques

A look at the CAN-SPAM Act helps publishers stay safe

Have you ever looked at the requirements for businesses sending commercial email? The CAN-SPAM Act was designed to protect consumers from spam overload by focusing on “any electronic mail message the primary focus of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service.” This includes emails promoting the content on commercial websites.

If a company is found in violation of CAN-SPAM, the penalty can reach upwards of $16,000. To avoid such a cumbersome penalty, publishers need to be aware of the main legal requirements.   Continue

Publishers Talk About Tapping into Social Media Narcissism

There are social networks that share everything from your minute-to-minute activities, to your credit card spending, to your photos, to your travel information. It’s no wonder that, like a reality show, feeding into people’s egos can be a brilliant way to get attention.   Continue

Show Me your Blockbuster Posts!

A blockbuster post drives traffic to your website over an extended period of time

Chris and I are working on a webinar about creating blockbuster posts. As I’ve mentioned before, a single blockbuster post can drive as much as one or even two percent of the website’s traffic. Unlike traditional periodicals, website content is forever. The top 10 traffic driving posts to a well-optimized website are often months and years old.   Continue

6 Insightful SEO Characteristics

The Mequoda Summit West 2012 highlights some advanced SEO strategies

By now, digital publishers who receive a lot of traffic through search engines have the basics of SEO covered.

It’s the advanced strategies however that can lead to even more visibility.   Continue

Using Blockbuster SEO Posts to Quickly Increase Website Traffic

Do not forget the power of blockbuster SEO posts in 2012

We’ve discussed blockbuster posts before.

In fact, Don Nicholas, CEO of Mequoda Group, wrote a great article on the process of writing blockbuster SEO posts in 2011.   Continue

What Consumers are Saying about Email Marketing

Statistics dictate the need for certain changes to email marketing strategies

Email marketing is getting more important to consumer marketers. More users and looking at email content on their mobile devices and expect proper interaction within their devices.

The benefit of designing for mobile optimization is that a percentage of users are already making purchases through their devices. As more trust grows within this industry, it can be expected that the number of consumers will grow.   Continue

Internet marketing genius now available — Mequoda Summit only!

Mequoda’s Audience Development Summit 2012 is more than just talking heads. Not only do you learn the secrets and strategies of the leaders in Internet marketing in six eye-opening sessions, you get to pick their brains, too!

Take home proven strategies for successful digital publishing, niche marketing, content strategy, marketing digital subscriptions and more. Then ask our speakers anything you want at our Audience Development Roundtable AND the Audience Development Power Panel!   Continue

5 Metrics for Email Marketing

Understanding the importance of email marketing in-person

You need to look at email metrics to develop the most beneficial email marketing strategy. Only your specific metrics will tell the story of your audience’s interaction with email content.

Along with the most popular content, you should pay close attention to click-throughs per campaign, revenue per subscriber, revenue per m emails sent and revenue per campaign. These metrics will help you plan future email marketing campaigns.   Continue

5 Email Marketing Tips for Post-Purchase Messaging

Are you properly communicating with your brand’s most important allies?

Connecting with buyers needs to be your priority.

Sure, building email marketing lists is important too, but for a different reason. List building improves your chances of selling products to more people.   Continue

Why News Headlines Get more Re-Tweets

Last week I dug into some research around a tweet’s ability to drive clicks and traffic. The results showed that a more personal feed with quirky statements, re-written headlines and engagement resulted in more followers and clicks.

However, it was the straight-up news headline that got all the re-tweets   Continue

Twitter Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged

7 ways to reach your Twitter potential

What does your Twitter strategy consist of?

I’d imagine you are at least tweeting the title of each article you publish and adding a link to the content. Doing so is a great way to build your audience based on the topics you cover. However, our research has shown that using interesting quotes, tips or facts from within the article is more effective than headlines.   Continue

Who Runs Audience Development for your Organization?

Three critical questions every website publisher must answer.

Who runs audience development for your organization? When a website publisher asks me to help them increase website traffic and build a loyal online audience, the first question I ask is, “Who runs audience development for your organization?” I get a wide variety of answers. At smaller independent publishers, the answer is often “I do.” At larger established publishers, the answer is often, “Our audience development director.” For those publishers with an answer, I’ve also been told it’s the editor, webmaster, chief marketing officer, marketing director, and almost every other job title inside the organization except the cat. As often as not, I get a blank stare. Perhaps that’s why they’re talking to me in the first place. We live in an age of multiplatform publishing where traditional legacy organizational structures simply don’t work. Innovation abounds, and for even successful website publishers, you’ll find many different answers to the above question. Nonetheless it’s a question that needs to be answered, and the answer needs to be compared with the best practices of successful website publishers.   Continue

3 Components to Building an Online Community

Having an active community is the first step in developing an audience.

The larger the community you have, the quicker your audience will grow.

The community consists of contributors who associate with your content. They will be active with your brand, from spreading your content to creating content for you.

5 Helpful Plugins for an Audience Development Blog

Audience development is a constant process that requires thorough research, and hard work.

Besides providing content that your audience is searching for, you need to have a website that is user-friendly, while being able to track the actions of users at your site.   Continue

The Top 9 Reasons to Register now for the Audience Development Summit 2012

Join the dozens of attendees who have already registered for the Mequoda Audience Development Summit 2012

The Audience Development Summit 2012 will be a unique experience shared by dozens of knowledgeable professionals.

There has never been a better lineup, as CEOs, publishers, and marketers prepare to give presentations on how they’ve managed their digital success.   Continue

3 Email List Building Tips You’re Probably Not Using

Point of purchase, social media, and physical products can help you build your email marketing list

With your brand and products listed throughout the Internet, audience members may not be introduced to you through your website. Even if they are, they may avoid signing up for your email newsletter from the start, opting to close your floater or OFIE (order form in editorial) and continue reading your content.   Continue