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Archive for Audience Development Strategy

Audience Development Strategy posts focus on how to build a bigger online community by utilizing a number of different strategies. In this section you will find posts that combine multiple audience building techniques, blogging for audience development, descriptions of great audience development personnel and much more.

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Does Email Personalization Impress your Subscribers?

How to send personalized email marketing messages that interest your audience

Email personalization has been stressed by many email marketing companies and consultants throughout the years. The thought was that email subscribers would feel better about email messages if they were specifically addressed to them. However, this may not be the case.   Continue

Email Marketers Becoming more Sophisticated

Can you relate to data from earlier this year that shows more sophistication among email marketers? We certainly hope so, especially since it’s likely that your competitors are getting more sophisticated with their email marketing activities. If you cannot compete, how will you be able to keep your audience intact?

How have your email marketing efforts changed throughout the years? According to The Forrester Wave: Email Marketing Vendors, Q1 2012 report, email marketing has gotten more sophisticated in a few ways.   Continue

How to Make Tweets Look More Human and Get More Clicks

As marketing tactics evolve, so does the savvy of our readers. Brilliant new ideas only work for as long as people aren’t bored by them. So in a world full of jargon and social media automation, it’s easy to begin looking like a robot.   Continue

Find Visual Content For Image-Centric Online Publishing

Three websites that help audience development efforts with the aid of images

Digital publishers want to provide a valuable source of content for their audience without breaking the bank on resources. As many digital publishers and Internet marketers have realizes, visual imagery helps audience development efforts. People like to connect with the images they see on landing pages, and often towards the images from the start.

For digital publishers who are taking an image-centric approach, there are some options for using images for free.   Continue

Ed Coburn to Lead Mequoda Advisory Board

It’s with great excitement that I announce that my friend and colleague, Ed Coburn, will be joining Mequoda Group as Executive Director of our reconstituted Mequoda Advisory Board. As many of you know, Ed is publishing director for Harvard Medical School, past president of the Specialized Information Publishers Association, and an active director of numerous nonprofit organizations. Ed is also a close personal friend and someone I’ve come to rely on for good management advice. For a number of years, we’ve attempted to create a member organization inside Mequoda Group that could provide guidance to our executive team and mutual support for each other. While I think we’ve met with some success, I think we can do much better.   Continue

3 Digital Marketing Trends

Additions for your digital marketing strategy that you can implement and test quickly

Digital marketing trends can be quite broad. Digital marketers and digital publishers are looking at a digital marketing strategy in a more complex and comprehensive manner. The goal is to create a digital experience that is connected with the rest of your marketing activities, and addresses all of the digital marketing trends that are relevant to your brand and audience.   Continue

Email Marketing Success: How Companies Increase Click-Through Rates

New methods for increasing click-through and open rates that you may not be trying

We’ve discussed the effectiveness of email marketing numerous times throughout our blog and during live events. There is clear opportunity for email marketing success in many industries, although some industries fare better than others.

For instance, the travel industry, consumer products and services industry, and media and entertainment industry all experienced year-over-year growth in email volume sent.   Continue

Why Email Click-Through Rates Matter

A look at top articles on email marketing from this summer

How much time do you spend on your email marketing strategy? Do you ever wish to spend less time with email and more time with social media or search engine optimization?

These thoughts have probably developed within your organization before. Social media is extremely popular and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down too much. Search engine optimized content can lead to more website around the clock, too. But the right audience may not always see you. Even though search and social have valuable places online, they don’t quite have the allure of email marketing.   Continue

Increasing Email Newsletter Click–Through Rate

5 Tips for Writing & Formatting Email Newsletter Teasers

Which email newsletters do you read on a regular basis?

Like many of you, I subscribe to multiple email newsletters; some for business reasons and others due to personal interests.

However, over time, I find myself focusing the majority of attention on newsletter that have a lot of content that is interesting, while be aesthetically pleasing and easy to maneuver.   Continue

11 Tips for Cleaning Up Dusty Social Media Profiles

The words “spring cleaning” draw up images of folded laundry, clean windows and dust-free shelves. But what about “profile cleaning?” Think about all the social networks you’re on, but aren’t your everyday tools (it’s OK, we all have favorites). Since social networks change their structure every couple of months, it’s easy for your business profile to look dusty and unkept.   Continue

5 Key Features for Social Media Software Functionality

What active social media professionals look for in the tools they use

How many stories have you heard about the major impacts of social media? The interesting aspect is that major impacts can be for better or worse.

For instance, consider all the pieces of content that go viral and propel individuals into a stage of stardom because they were savvy enough to use social media correctly. Now think about the opposite; those who took irrational actions online and paid the consequences. The moral here is that social media can make or break an organization or individual.   Continue

Last Chance to Save on Audience Development Summit 2012

Can you afford to miss priceless insight from successful publishing professionals?

If you want to attend the Audience Development Summit 2012 at the lowest possible price, you must reserve your seat by Friday, Aug. 31.

Hundreds of dollars of savings is on the line…and that number increases if you sign up multiple employees.   Continue

New Data on Mobile Email Marketing

Could you be building your email list easier?

It’s exciting to get new data on email marketing, specifically when it relates to mobile devices. The world of mobile has emerged so quickly that many digital marketers haven’t quite figured out how to strategically approach it.

Earlier this month I cited a few statistics on consumer email trends. These stats came from a survey conducted by The Relevancy Group in May 2012, consisting of about 400 respondents.   Continue

3 Tips for Keeping Mobile Email Subscribers on Your List

If email marketers didn’t already have enough to worry about, they now have to shift focus to mobile email.

Since checking email is a habitual action, and mobile devices are available to users constantly, the use of mobile devices for email consumption has grown. So how exactly are mobile devices using interacting with email on the go?   Continue

How Does Your Content Look on Mobile Devices?

It’s a valid question to ask: how does my content look on mobile devices? Your website and email promotions need to be mobile-friendly, or you might lose a lot of audience members.

With smartphone users accounting for nearly half of all cellular phone owners, the user base is staggering. Different age groups interact with their smartphones in different ways, but rest assured, if you’re a respected source of information, audience members will be looking for you while on their mobile devices.   Continue

Guides, Blogging & Social Media – the Three Top SEO Strategies

The recent SEOMoz 2012 SEO Industry Survey showed that most SEO professionals spend most of their time creating articles/guides, posting blogs and maximizing social media efforts. White papers were pretty low on the totem pole, but Mequoda publishers are usually a step ahead anyway—we live and breathe the numbers behind every successful white paper SEO campaign.   Continue

Refreshing SEO Strategies after Panda Update

Review your audience development strategies after this recent Google change

Google unleashed another round of Panda updates last Monday. Google confirmed the update and announced that less than one percent of search queries were affected. This update has had less impact than past algorithm changes, particularly the Penguin update.

This update marks Google Panda version 3.9.1. The last update Google Panda 3.9 went live on July 24. If this pattern continues, we may see another Panda update around the end of September.   Continue

Using Custom OFIEs to Increase Website Conversion Rates

Discover how Golf Vacation Insider uses customization on its article landing pages to dramatically increase their website visitor to email conversion rates from search

Simple Tools for Social Success

Five social media tools to increase interactivity to receive more links

More social engagement has reportedly led to more links. This makes sense because when social interaction takes place through sharing or liking content, that content is propelled in front of other people. And if the people sharing the content with their friends have common traits, they will likely have interest in the topic too, leading to more potential interaction.   Continue

7 Tips for Link Building

Strategies for increasing website traffic

Inbound links are credibility builders. The more you’re able to get from credible sources, the better your chance of getting higher rankings in search engines.

There are many ways online publishers can obtain inbound links. Below I’ve listed seven proven strategies for building more inbound links.   Continue

Call Email Subscribers to Action with Video Content

Video content may become a major component in future email marketing campaigns

I recently read an article about video’s place in present and future marketing campaigns. There is no doubt that video has a bright future.   Continue

5 Tips for Email Marketing to Mobile Device Users

Discover helpful information for communicating with a growing population

The mobile industry is booming and it isn’t expected to stop anytime soon.

A report by StrongMail titled The New Rules of Email Deliverability predicts that mobile ad spending, mobile messaging and the amount of mobile Internet users are all increasing.   Continue

Do You Understand this Billion-Dollar Asset?

The Audience Development Summit 2012 shares the most profitable strategies for developing an online audience

The success of online businesses relies on the billion-dollar asset: online audiences.

Ecommerce and online advertising generates billions of dollars each year through online audiences. Without these audiences there wouldn’t be a need to produce content for multiple platforms, create engaging ads, and open digital storefronts.   Continue

How to Turn One Article into 11 Traffic-Driving Tweets

Last week I talked about maximizing the elements you have control of on Twitter. By combining the elements copy formulas, scheduling, hashtags and @s, you can grow an entire ecosystem around each article you promote.

Moving forward, let’s discuss what this ecosystem looks like and how you can repurpose one article into infinite promotional opportunities.

Let’s use Real Simple’s 7 Ways to Use Leftover Buns article as an example. If today was Jan. 1 and my target audience was only the United States, this is how I’d schedule this post for maximum longevity.   Continue

Are you Creating Millions of Impressions each Year?

A Twitter schedule that repurposes content can be a huge traffic driver for digital publishers.

Do you spend more time building your email file or your Twitter list?

If you’re heavy into SEO, you may be generating email subscribers without too much attention, although all SEO efforts do need an update once in awhile.

The Future of Social Media

What does the future of social media look like to you?

As digital publishers and audience development professionals, it’s important to keep an eye out for changes that take place throughout social media channels. With massive audiences spending time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, looking towards the future can help us better develop and serve our audience members.   Continue

Great Copywriters Create Headlines that Echo

The folks at Investing Daily are some of the smartest direct marketers on the planet. And perhaps better than being smart, they are disciplined.   Continue

Nine Tips to Persuasive Copywriting

How to become the best copywriter you can be

New copywriters often wonder how to become the best they can be. The key is to focus on tried and true elements of copywriting that haven’t changed much throughout the years, even if mediums and platforms have changed.

This article serves as a brief guide to persuasive copywriting. After you get these fundamental elements down, you can begin focusing on incorporating keyword phrases into your copy for search engine optimization.   Continue

Train Your Editors in SEO Copywriting

You have a keyword universe…now what?

Successful online businesses rely on talented copywriters who understand search engine optimization. In a time when job requirements are changing, especially in the publishing industry, SEO copywriting is a skill that many online business professionals are trying to learn.   Continue

Going beyond Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing best practices are subject to change

Email marketing can be exceptionally powerful for an organization. However, it can also be very difficult to develop a strategy that works with your audience.

Email marketing is not like all other forms of digital marketing because its success depends on many different factors. Some email marketing best practices that a company has defined internally may only work for their audience or industry. For instance, email marketing best practices that create sales in the B2C world may not work for B2B organizations, and vice versa.   Continue

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips & Advice of 2012

Below is a list of our top email marketing tips and advice from 2012 chosen by how high they rank on Google. The top 10 list is composed of our own tips with some advice from other top bloggers as well. If you’re only going to read one email marketing post all year, this is most definitely the one. Email marketing is a major part of mostly any business, so make sure you take a look to see if any of these articles underneath catch you’re eye.   Continue

How Consumers Feel about Marketing Emails

Insight on consumer email trends

There are many analysts and consultants who aren’t able to share all of the email marketing data that they have. Some of this information needs to remain in-house for competitive reasons. Fortunately there are other times when consumer data can be shared with the online community… this is one of those times.   Continue

Control Issues: Your Responsibility for Pushing a Tweet to its Limits

Posting on Facebook feels like traveling to the Emerald City to visit the Great Oz. You post a blockbuster article, or a hilarious behind-the-scenes photo but yet it’s some man behind the curtain that determines who sees it. What determines your “reach” on Facebook has little to do with variables that you control.

In contrast, Twitter is straight-forward enough to let you maintain control of the factors that determine your visibility. This makes you responsible for its reach.   Continue

Five Ways to Get More Retweets on Twitter

Here are a few ways to make your Twitter strategy more comprehensive

Although you may have a Twitter strategy already in place, does it get you the retweets you expect? If not, perhaps your strategy is missing a few key ingredients.

The first way to get more retweets, website traffic, and conversions involves building a comprehensive tweeting schedule. Your Twitter schedule should focus on sending content during the most active times of the day. Since 8am – 7pm is the most active time for Twitter users, try scheduling content for this time period. Keep time zones in mind when scheduling for a global presence.   Continue

New Features Come to HootSuite

AutoSchedule allows HootSuite users to send social media messages automatically

Many of our community members know that HootSuite is a social media tool we like to use. Its functionality allows for social media messages to be scheduled in advance, so publishers can still reach their audiences when they are not actively working. The customizable columns allow users to track keywords, hashtags, direct messages, instances where your brand is mentioned, and the tweets you send.   Continue

Audience Development Tools for Online Efficiency

Do your audience development tools help produce a more effective workload?

If social media has become a significant part of your audience development efforts, here are three tools that can help you find audience members, competitors, and conversations easier on Twitter.

-TweetCharts. Amanda MacArthur wrote a comprehensive article on what to expect while using TweetCharts. This audience development tool allows you to enter hashtags or keywords in order to find the top content and users associated with it. In man cases you will find conversations where users are seeking answers to their pressing questions.   Continue

Email Copywriting Tips for Digital Publishers

How successful are your email copywriting techniques?

People receive a lot of email. If your email newsletter or promotional piece is included among the dozens (or hundreds) of emails in someone’s inbox, what guarantees it will get opened? And if it does, will the email be read, or just skimmed? Will the email recipient reach your call to action?

Email copywriters are constantly fighting these realities. If you fall into the category of struggling with email copywriting, try following these tips.   Continue

Use TweetCharts to Discover More About Your Niche

There are too many social media tools for any one community manager to keep up with. Try Googling the word “unfollow” and you’ll find dozens of apps with the sole purpose of letting you know when people unfollow you, or help you automatically unfollow those who do. For every other marketing function, there are dozens more apps.   Continue

9 Tools for Social Media Efficiency

Tools for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that will help build, retain and monitor an audience

Digital publishers can use the popularity of social media in a profound way. With the right tools, you can engage in conversations and send information to the people who seek it the most. Some of the tools for more social interactions are listed in this article.

First, this article shares five Facebook tool options that will help you make your website more social. The tools included in the article are: the “like” button, comments, recommendations, the live stream, and registration. If you want to learn more about these five options, and download any necessary apps related to them, this article will help you do so.   Continue

New Targeting Options for Brand Pages on Facebook

Facebook continues developing its advertising opportunities

It seems, as of late, that Facebook’s goal is to create better advertising options for companies. This notion originally started with a push to make advertising on mobile even stronger, since the company reported an increase of 23 percent in mobile users. This jump in mobile equates to 102 million Facebook users signing on via mobile during the last quarter.

Recently I wrote about the ad revenue generated by Facebook during Q2. Although the company saw a boost of 28 percent in advertising revenue since 2011, they still have a long way to go before reaching the $60 billion valuation. Adding relevance to their digital advertising options is key in their evolution.   Continue

5 Quick Tips for Writing the Best Email Subject Lines

The best email subject lines provoke open rates and persuade subscribers to read your email newsletters

There are dozens of methods, tricks and tips for writing great headlines. Unfortunately, this isn’t direct mail, and we have spam filters to adhere to, and character counts to abide by when it comes to writing great email subject lines.   Continue

11 Elements for Mobile Email Design

Designing email newsletter templates and email promotions for mobile devices has never been more important.

Mobile email design is a hot topic as the usage of mobile devices increases. After researching the topic in depth, I’ve come to some elements of mobile email design that should be considered in the development stage. Whether you’re sending an email newsletter or promoting a product or event, your email design needs to be optimized for mobile if your audience is viewing your content on the go. With the number of mobile users increasing, it’s very likely that a significant portion of your audience is using mobile. Here are a few tips for mobile email design.   Continue

Take a Look at These Top-Performing Email Newsletters

The email newsletters with the highest open rates and click-through rates have some specific reasons for their success

During the month of June, we sent out 20 daily email newsletters and five Week in Review emails. Additionally, we sent out at least one promotional email each week during the month.

Recently I took a look at the email statistics for that month to determine the top performing email newsletters in terms of open rate and click-through rate. For today’s article, I will discuss the four email articles that received the best results, and the characteristics of them that helped lead to the highest open rates and click-through rates for the month of June.   Continue

5 Components of a Snippet-Based Email Template

Do you know how to develop a snippet-based email template for your newsletters?

If the email templates you are using for email newsletters and promos are successful in engaging your reader base and selling products, then you don’t need to necessarily make any changes.

However, there is always the chance that a new template can help in the areas where you may falter.   Continue

Why Welcome Emails Are Important

Welcome emails have high open rates and click-through rates

While I was sorting through email data for today’s featured article, I came across some very high open rates and click-through rates. Open rates of 33, 50, and 66 percent intrigued me. After I looked closer, I came to the realization that all of these emails with great open rates were welcome emails.   Continue

Improving Content and SEO

Need more ideas for better SEO? Search Engine Watch is a great place for endless amounts of info on all of your SEO needs. From tips on creating better content to latest news on everything SEO, Search Engine Watch is the place to be. Below are a few articles from them on different aspects of SEO. If your looking for improvements but not sure what you need to improve, scroll around search engine watch and I’m sure they will have something that will catch your eye.   Continue

10 Social Media Tricks You Can Use to Boost Visibility Today

Social media engineering is more than the art of scheduling tweets, navigating Pinterest and getting more Facebook clicks. Actually, it’s the roadmap to those strategies that make us informed engineers.   Continue

3 Resources for Social Media Best Practices

If you haven’t realized it by now, there are ways to develop guidelines for your social media programs that focus on company policy and analysis. For some companies who were looking for that type of information before allocating too much time to social media, here are a few articles, which can provide some assistance.   Continue

Is Facebook’s Attention Turning Towards Sponsored Stories?

There has certainly been scrutiny of Facebook ever since the social media giant went public. A further look at Facebook comes as they recently released second quarter earnings.

According to ClickZ, Facebook “reported $992 million in ad revenue in Q2 – 84 percent of total revenue and a boost of 28 percent since Q2 2011.”   Continue

Audience Development Needs to Focus on Tablets

Audience development is perhaps the most important skill digital publishers need to understand

Publishers are making great strides to get their digital magazine publishing up to par by offering single issues and digital subscriptions. And although this is a positive direction to go in, they may be missing some of the most crucial parts of their digital strategy.   Continue