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Archive for Audience Development Strategy

Audience Development Strategy posts focus on how to build a bigger online community by utilizing a number of different strategies. In this section you will find posts that combine multiple audience building techniques, blogging for audience development, descriptions of great audience development personnel and much more.

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Top Social Media Platforms Latest News & Updates

Looking for the latest SMO news? Twitter, Google and Facebook are always making changes and it can be hard to keep up with the latest updates but is a great place to see what alterations have been made and how you should adjust. Below are a few articles that cover the recent modifications these platforms have made.   Continue

How Does Your Email Marketing Data Compare?

A look at recent email marketing data shares statistics on open rates and click-through rates

Today we have more data to share on email marketing campaigns throughout 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. The findings come from more than 1,100 brands, sharing benchmark data related to their email marketing efforts. These numbers will help you compare your own email marketing statistics with those of other brands.   Continue

A Way to Generate More Email Sales with Your Email Program

Are you utilizing this one important part of your email marketing program?

Have you ever heard that timing is extremely important to the success of email marketing programs? Sometimes this timing relates to the days, time of day, and frequency in which you send emails. Other times it relates to the specific activities an audience member is engaging in at specific times throughout your relationship.   Continue

What Size Should Your Emails Be?

The debate on email size continues; however, one study offers some suggestions

The length of emails can certainly make a difference in whether or not it gets read. One best practice is to lead with your best content and highlight other important sections throughout the rest of the copy.

However, now the rules are taking on additional dimensions, as reading email on mobile devices is a popular activity. Not only does the length and subject matter play a role, the actual size of your email will dictate how it loads on mobile devices.   Continue

What’s Right for You, Facebook’s Sponsored Stories or Promoted Posts?

Does one of Facebook’s featured ad types work better for your audience? Let’s take a look at your options

Hearing the term “Sponsored Stories” makes me immediately think about digital publishers. Aren’t we all sharing some form of story, after all? Under this basis, it would seem that sponsoring a story and targeting your core audience with it is a good idea. But does your audience pay attention to paid promotions, or do they want something more organic? Although also a paid option, Promoted Posts appear to be more organic because of their placement.   Continue

Writing for Online Advertisements

From Facebook to PPC, all online advertisements have some elements in common

Online advertisements have some traits in common. Although the content will always change and be dependent upon industry expectations, there are some elements that should always exist in popular ads.

A recent article on Search Engine Watch points out the five elements used in ad copy. Their article particularly focuses on ad copy for PPC campaigns, although the same rules apply for any type of ad copy you are creating. Let’s take a look at these elements now:   Continue

Email Markting Tips From Marketing Land

Today we will be looking at multiple articles from Marketing Land focusing on email marketing tips and techniques. If you haven’t heard of Marketing Land, they are a news and information site that covers Internet marketing. They have lots of content updated frequently that should cover all your internet marketing needs.   Continue

Do You Want a Robust Digital Audience?

Every day digital magazine publishing potential is growing

It’s amazing to be an inside component in a growing industry. It isn’t an experience that happens too often, but ever since mobile devices entered the marketed place and started offering new and exciting functionality, digital magazine publishing potential has grown.   Continue

9 Tips for the Modern Email Marketer

Ways to get the most from your email marketing activities

As a daily editor, I’m always keeping my eyes open for the topics that our audience cares about. From email marketing to audience development and the advancements within the digital publishing community, there is always new content to share or existing strategies to remind people of.

Over the last few months, it has seemed that the topic of email marketing has been growing in popularity. Each week I find more industry members discussing ways to improve an email marketing strategy. Or they are sharing statistics on email marketing studies they have conducted.   Continue

You Probably Haven’t Thought About Email Subject Lines This Way…

An approach you should consider while crafting each email subject line you test or send

By now you’ve probably read our free report on the most successful email subject lines used by email marketers and email copywriters alike. These email subject lines focus on the psychology behind emotional responses and intrigue that we experience throughout our lives. However, beyond these actual email subject lines, there are specific ways to think about reaching your audience.   Continue

Testing Email Campaigns: 6 Areas of Focus

Tips for better email marketing practices

Theories on what works the best in email marketing are great, but they aren’t complete. Even those who share their theories and have actively used their tips may not be able to help you. Perhaps they are in a different market or industry with a very different target audience. Just because something has worked for them, it does not necessarily mean that it will work for your email marketing campaigns.   Continue

5 Quick Tips for Better Video Storytelling

A video can tell customers more about your business than any words can represent. While a storybook written in words offers room for imagination, a video without any words can tell a more accurate, yet imaginative story as well. Video storytelling in business refers to the art of telling your story, or instructing your customers, through a series of shots and sound. If you want to tell a good story through video, whether it’s about your company or about a product, keep reading.   Continue

10 Tips for Using Video for Audience Development

When it comes to creating videos, the first thing to consider is the content you are going to incorporate into the piece. Although popularity of digital video content is high, it has to compete with a lot of other noise that exists online.

To assure high quality and a potential to be seen, it’s important to develop videos with the qualities that are often found in viral videos. This article from Amanda MacArthur highlights five main traits that viral videos and articles have in common, including emotional stories, comedic content, controversial input, a personal feel and the ability to spread the content easily.   Continue

Digital Publishing Advice from Industry Advocates

Digital magazine publishing is at a really exciting place in its evolution. It’s currently residing where digital devices and consumers can reach it. This is exciting because magazines can remain portable, linear, finite, collectable and cohesive – while going digital.

SEO Tips & Advice for Bloggers

Today we’re focusing on SEO tips specifically for bloggers. To have a successful blog you need to maximize your traffic. This is usually done by having as much new content as possible, after all people will be looking at your blog to find new content, not to look at the same stuff they’ve already seen. To make things simple, content drives traffic.

Below we have a few tips from top bloggers on how to improve blog SEO in order to produce maximum amounts of traffic.   Continue

Email Marketing Stats: How Does Your Company Rate?

Email marketing continues to be a valuable resource online and updated statistics helps email marketers prepare accordingly

Every time I come across stats related to email marketing activity, I get excited to share them with the community. Recently I read a benchmark report from Emarsys, which looks at tens of thousands of email campaigns from over 1,000 companies. They’ve been updating this report over the past five years, so there is comparison data included. Take a look at some of the findings below.   Continue

Email Marketing Focuses on Engagement

Email marketing advice helps put actions in perspective

I’ve been scouring the Internet for email marketing advice that focuses on the holistic approach. It’s nice to find a variety of opinions on an all-encompassing strategy for creating a database of email subscribers because it’s this information that will help publishers succeed in the digital age.   Continue

3 Tips to Email Engagement

Don’t rely on your tried and true email marketing efforts; they won’t always work

Email marketing, like most of the digital environment, has been changing. The reputability and usage has remained high, but as Internet culture changes email marketing must also change.   Continue

Simple Email Marketing Tips & Advice From Top Bloggers

Email marketing isn’t always easy. These days there’s so much junk email that it can be very hard to get your readers to open emails, let alone create a connection with them. With the amount of spam out there it can be very difficult differentiating a good email from a waste of time. Below are a few articles that should help improve your overall email marketing techniques to hopefully avoid people thinking your emails are a “waste of time.”   Continue

7 Ways to Know When You Should Chop Off Long Articles

Recently I got my first “TL;DR” comment on a blog post. If we’re being completely honest, I had no idea what it meant. I also had no clue that I should have seen this before now. Losing some web cred then, and even more now as I admit it on this blog, I took to Google for a definition.   Continue

Editorial Theories on Article Length

What is a good article length to strive for?

When taking article length into consideration, the type of article needs to be addressed first. Do you have a full-length story to tell, or only a couple tips to share? Your audience should also be considered – do they read your content on the go? Or do they sit down with a tablet in the evenings, expecting high-quality long-form journalism?   Continue

Editorial Strategy: 7 Components for Online Editors

Tips for developing your editorial strategy

Online editors have a different role than their print predecessors. The focus on accurate, unbiased journalism is still the goal, but there are a few specific ways of reaching this goal on the Internet.

What best practices are you relying on for your editorial strategy? The seven tips below come from years of research, acquired through operating our own publication, and watching the actions of other successful publishers and authors.   Continue

Event Marketing 101: Keynote Speakers are #1 Success Factor

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been reworking our event programming over the past couple of years. For 2012, and on into 2013 we settled in on for public programs. In the spring and fall of each year we are running summits for advanced practitioners in the art and science of digital publishing and marketing.   Continue

A Trend for Audience Development with Apps

How will digital publishers succeed with audience development through mobile devices?

There are a few possibilities for developing revenue streams for digital publishers. Of course, selling digital products and subscriptions are on this list. Developing channel sponsorships can also help. However, there is a trend within mobile digital devices that may benefit publishers in the years to come.   Continue

3 Audience Development Tips for Tablet Publishers

Audience development efforts should focus on popular activities

A recent article from Gartner uncovers five daily activities popular with tablet users. The survey shows that on average, more people are using tablets to read books (33%) than mobile PCs (13%) and mobile phones (7%).

The survey also shares an interesting take on consuming digital content over print content. According to Gartner, “The survey found that more than 50 percent of media tablet owners prefer to read news, magazines and books on screen, rather than on paper.”   Continue

Times to Tweet: Should You Start Tweeting During the Day on Saturdays?

A new study, Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review, from Buddy Media (recently acquired by Salesforce) says that publishers get 29% more engagement from their followers when they tweet on Saturdays, even though only about 7% of tweets coming from publishers actually arrive on a weekend.   Continue

Twitter Advertisements Driving Significant Revenue

Twitter’s design fits well in a quick moving Internet landscape. The 140 characters or less can grab attention easily, and drive traffic to a defined landing page. What some advertisers are also discovering is that Twitter meshes well with advertising.

Recently, the discussion about Twitter’s mobile advertising ability has come to light, and as points out, “Twitter is now generating the majority of its revenue from ads shown to its users on mobile gadgets, rather than from ads on”   Continue

5 Tweeting Tips for Publishing on Twitter

If you’ve been using Twitter for an extended period of time, you’ve probably developed a strategy that works for you.

Is your Twitter strategy working for you, or do you expect more engagement from your tweets? If you are looking for to improve your Twitter strategy, ask yourself these questions:   Continue

Coming to You Live: Audience Development for Digital Publishers

Your best audience development activities will lead to face-to-face interaction

I recently read an article about digital publishers “swapping analogue dollars for digital dimes.” The article made a lot of sense, and got me thinking about its suggestions, and ways to development a stronger form of online advertising.

My big take away from this article by Josh Gordon is to diversify your information offerings to develop not only more efficient revenue streams, but to help your audience development activities in the process.   Continue

Today – Discuss Updated White Hat SEO Live

Our Playing Nice with Google Penguin webinar airs today at 12:30 pm ET. Join us for this 90-minute program so you can ask any questions you have about the recent algorithm changes.

In addition to sharing the time with knowledgeable professionals, you will get to hear real life stories of sites penalized, the reasons for the penalties, and how these issues could have been avoided.   Continue

SMO Tips & Advice From Top Bloggers

Today’s we have some tips and advice from top bloggers on how to improve your company’s SMO.   Continue

Making Waves with Email Marketing

5 ways to pay better attention to email marketing fundamentals

Many look at “making waves” as a bad thing. It’s used to describe the creation of a disturbance or controversy. Today however, the only disturbance we are discussing is the way to make favorable changes to your email marketing program.

Since the majority of email relationships begin at your website, there is a need to not only have your landing pages designed with the intent of converting, it’s also important to have pages designed to facilitate the email relationship.   Continue

Using Natural Links to Build Your Email File

There seems to be some confusion with the accepted link building practices used by Google, especially after the Google Penguin update. If you want to be able to build your email marketing list with the help of links, you need to first understand the different between natural and unnatural links.

As stated in the Google Webmaster Tools, “natural links to your site develop as part of the dynamic nature of the web when other sites find your content valuable and think it would be helpful for their visitors.”   Continue

Do You Know Why Penguin Penalized Websites?

Knowing how Google operates is the first step in using them as a content partner

Before converting website visitors into email subscribers, you need to attract them to your site with white hat SEO strategies.

Many of these strategies are developing further with Google’s algorithmic changes. For instance, Google Penguin has made website operators really focus on their link building and content activities.   Continue

The Best Words for Social Media Optimization

Similar to email, the words used in your social media communications need to resonate with your audience members. If they are too gimmicky, or filled with sales rhetoric, you may not be able to generate significant web traffic from your social media efforts.

What words get you to click? Since social media has become focused on personal relationships, the references to this seem to work well. For instance, writing to a person with their name or with the word “you” seems to get clicks. It makes the readers think the content is specifically catered to them.   Continue

Email Marketing Tips for Relationship Building

Are you having trouble gaining customers through email? Here are a few tips and advice from top bloggers on ways to communicate better through email:   Continue

Putting SEO Training First

White hat SEO techniques are complex and take time to acquire.

Kim and I teach our in-house Audience Development Workshop 10 or more times per year. And yet every time I sign a new audience development consulting client, Kim needs to remind me to schedule the workshop.

I am both a journalist and engineer by training and tend to focus on the mechanics of what needs to be done. I’m all about getting the keyword research started that will form the website taxonomy and guide the editors content generation, headline writing, and tagging on a day-to-day basis. I know I’m in this for long haul with the client, whether we’re tuning up an existing website or starting from scratch, it’s going to take years to make white hat SEO as natural as good spelling and grammar.   Continue

Natural Elements of White Hat SEO

The word “natural” should be synonymous with white hat SEO. Natural writing and natural linking building are parts of this very in-depth language of optimization. And it’s these two that help connect with audiences and satisfy requirements put forth by Google.

What do you consider natural SEO? Let’s take a look at a couple suggestions.   Continue

Three Top Tips for Image SEO

Image SEO is an additional tool for getting ranked in search engines

Image SEO has relevance in ranking. If you are optimizing your headlines, body copy, and metadata, you should also be paying close attention to image SEO.

Beyond the additional SEO help, optimizing your images helps users make a visual connection with the content you give them. Below, I’ve listed three of the top reasons for image SEO. Following these guidelines will help you serve your readers with related imagery, while improving your content’s level of optimization.   Continue

White Hat SEO Tips & Advice from Top SEO Bloggers

Looking for some fresh tips on SEO? Here are a few articles that should provide some innovative insight on what’s new in SEO in 2012:   Continue

Using Good Journalism to Build Your Email Marketing List

With balanced content, audience members will be more apt to sign up for updates through email newsletters

Google’s Penguin update, which rolled out in late April, brings a major question to mind: how balanced should my content creation be?

As we’ve seen, Google is hitting some websites hard, making them lose significant amounts of search traffic in the process. And in some of these instances, it doesn’t appear that black hat SEO is present. It does seem however, that Google is forcing content creators and digital publishers to go out and do a better job as a journalist.   Continue

SEO Preparedness: Focus on Audience Engagement

Tips on appeasing Google Penguin’s algorithmic changes

Google changes have been a popular topic as of late throughout the industry. Digital publishers and content marketers seeking safety from the wrath of Google have a few options.

There are numerous SEO professionals studying the effects of Google’s algorithmic changes and the reasons why websites get hit so hard. These penalties sometimes account for a loss in over 80% of overall website traffic.   Continue

3 Email Elements for Powerful Promotions

Persuasive email marketing strategies for creating convincing email copy

A well-written email promotion typically results in new consumers, especially if you have a large, active email marketing database. When you create alignment and desire behind the wording and content you’re providing, it is so much easier to turn potential consumers into paying consumers. Below, I’ve listed three tips for writing persuasive email copy you can use in your next promo.   Continue

How to Get People to Read Your Blog

9 suggestions for developing a blog that people will want to read frequently

Getting people to your blog, and persuading them to read your content is a challenge. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make your website an active hub for content seekers.

The following nine tips provide insight on getting people to read your blog. Since this article is just a brief guide, please feel free to add other suggestion in the comments below.   Continue

SEO Blogging Tips for Audience Development

10 tips for developing findable content

An audience development blog is a valuable tool for interacting with online audiences and establishing a reputation within your market.

As any audience development professional will tell you, SEO is one of the most important components of developing an audience development blog. Below, I’ve listed a collection of SEO blogging tips that will help you better understand the process of driving targeted traffic to your website. The majority of these tips will be discussed in more depth during our Playing Nice with Google Penguin webinar, which shares key insights on avoiding penalties associated with Google’s recent algorithmic changes.   Continue

Mastering Integrated Digital Publishing

Perhaps the most basic audience development strategy revolves around restricting access to free content and then using that content to build email newsletter circulation.

Legendary email newsletter publisher Bill Bonner has been quoted often as saying, “nobody wakes up in the morning, and says, ‘Gee, I think I’m going to subscribe to a new email newsletter today.’”

The folks at Agora publishing are famous for inventing the free-on-free offer because Bill Bonner is essentially right – most people are not looking for your free newsletter. It’s pretty easy to lift response by offering other forms of free content plus a free email newsletter.   Continue

Detailed Analytics – The Newest Tool for Audience Development

The Audience Development Consulting Program helps define all relevant parts of your content to dictate future improvements

Analytics may not really be the newest tool for audience development, but a comprehensive set of analytics compiled in one location is certainly new for many audience development professionals.

What data are you already looking at in your audience development strategy? Keyword data is probably your main answer. It’s important to track the search volume, competition, and rankings of your brand’s most relevant keyword phrases.   Continue

Top Strategies for Organic Audience Development

Three ways you can be using content for a comprehensive audience development strategy

Audience development is challenging. Your content has to align with the searches conducted by audience members, and present great information. Helping your audience members find your content through the noise throughout the Internet is the toughest part.

Fortunately, we have some tried and true techniques for building your online audience organically. Even after algorithm changes these techniques have remained valuable.   Continue

15 Email Marketing Tips from 3 Top Email Gurus

Looking for some help with email marketing? Here are a few tips that may help you not only get you’re emails opened, but might also help capture your readers attention after opening.   Continue

5 Tips for Being a Good Email Marketer

After your email marketing strategy is in place, there are a few actions that will turn you into a better email marketer

If you are new to email marketing, or have been doing it without receiving the type of results you expect, there are a few ways to become better at optimizing your list and attracting new subscribers.

The tips below share ideas for becoming an all around better email marketer. If you have additional tips, please share them in the comments below.   Continue