A Deadly Membership Website Mistake

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses 5 deadly membership website mistakes that should be avoided by online publishers

(Nationwide)—A membership website may appear to be an easy moneymaker for online publishers. Although membership websites can be very profitable, they are websites that require a great deal of forethought and evaluation before they can be created successfully.

Mistakes in membership websites are referred to as ‘deadly’ because they can kill a membership website’s success. However, by taking note of these common mistakes, it can be determined whether or not investing time and money in a membership website is a good idea or not.

A Big Mistake for Membership Websites

Insufficient content for a valuable user experience is a big mistake for membership websites. A membership website is a massive encyclopedia on a particular topic. Some publishers make the mistake of creating a membership website with only a few dozens articles. A successful membership website requires a robust amount of online content, say 5,000 to 8,000 pages at launch. This number will climb into the tens of thousands of pages as time goes on.

If an online publisher doesn’t have access to a lot of evergreen content that is valuable, informative, engaging, searchable and organized in a library-like fashion, then the publisher probably shouldn’t consider creating and launching a membership website until more content is produced and available. Only then can a membership website become a profitable part of an online business strategy.

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