A Landing Page Guideline

This free handbook from Mequoda Group discusses how to create landing pages that successfully engage users and sell content

(Nationwide)—It’s hard for great products to stand on their own or sell themselves. They often times need a story that heightens the desire for the product and prompts a purchase decision.

To create a compelling story, start by picturing an ideal customer; someone who is a member of the audience that is being catered to. Write directly for this person as if speaking to him or her in person.

Speaking directly and personably to readers will help gain rapport with the audience. Make sure a landing page contains an interesting, engaging, believable story told by someone the target audience can related to and appreciate.

Valuable time is spent on reading landing page copy. The readers are owed something for spending their time by reading stories found on landing pages. Reward them by making the story compelling, interesting and one that can help them achieve their goals easier.

To learn more writing compelling stories for landing pages and about creating sales letters that sell, start with Mequoda Group’s free Landing Page Handbook.

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