Free Podcast: An Introduction to Subscription Websites Released

This free podcast from Mequoda Group discusses the various types of websites that publishers can build, which includes subscription websites.

(Nationwide)—There are a variety of website archetypes that can be utilized by online publishers to generate revenue.

In some of these website archetypes, the audience pays for the content. The audience members that end up paying for this content may be purchasing specific products, services or subscriptions to content that can be printed out and kept in the physical form.

Other subscription website models house content that allow publishers to charge for access to the subscription website. These subscription models are utilized to generate revenue through a continual renewal method. As long as a consumer continues his or her subscription, they can access the subscription website, which is constantly having new content added.

The free podcast features Don Nicholas, the Executive Director of the Mequoda Group. Throughout the 10+ minutes he speaks on the different website archetypes which include subscription websites, in addition to a variety of other revenue-generating models.

As subscription websites become more popular due to mobile devices and tablet PCs like the iPad, knowledge of these website archetypes will become more important. The subscription website is quickly becoming the core nexus of online publishing because it puts an emphasis on content while keeping overhead for publishers low.

Since subscription websites can now be accessed wherever users are using their digital devices, the need to recognize how the audience interacts with the site is important. These various website archetypes are touched on in this podcast while subscription models are discussed.

To learn about subscription websites and other website archetypes, start with Mequoda Group’s free podcast, An Introduction to Subscription Websites.

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