Easy Takeaways, PR Primer Highlight Hotline!

Conference Recap, PR Primer Highlight Latest Hotline

The SIPA Hotline newsletter has long been one of the most worthwhile member benefits. (The latest one has just been posted for members on the website.) So let me give you a sneak peek. We’ve included a Marketing Conference recap, a primer on good public relations, two pages of industry names and news, a column welcoming Matt Salt, our new executive director, and 10 rules for success from specialized publishers.

Here’s a quick byte of 10 takeaways from the Conference, in the newsletter:
1. “Put your best renewal offer in your first effort and emphasize that it won’t get better,” said copywriter Robert Lerose.
2. “If you put something on Facebook, they own it,” said Doug Haslam of Voce Communications. You should “own your stuff.”
3. Use that extra white space in your “Thanks for renewing or buying” message.
4. Monitor usage by your subscribers, Bob Brady of BLR said. “When new subscribers are not using our site, we call them to ask why.”
5. Don’t be afraid to put free content on the web.
6. Start reader advisory panels.
7. In doing surveys, ask open-ended questions to get better answers.
8. Higher engagement equals higher conversion. So do what you have to do to engage people.
9. Don’t let the media you use restrict what you put out.
10. Have your editors reach out to readers with letters and promotions. That’s who they trust.

In the public relations article, it’s probably no surprise to write that tone is equally, if not more, important, than content when it comes to delivering information about your company in an interview. But it’s interesting to read the nuanced take of a veteran public relations person like Tony Panaccio. “In truth, what you say is important, but how you say it is the trump card. In a perfect world, a good interview consists of perfectly articulated content with a flawlessly executed tone that resonates with the audience equally. That’s the perfect combo that people should aspire to achieve.”

Matt Salt being named last week as SIPA’s new executive director is big news for us. (He had a nice mention in The Washington Post yesterday.) We’ve included the press release that was issued last week (and a photo if you’ve never met him). We’ll also include the photo in an upcoming SIPAlert Daily article. A British national, Matt has quite an interesting background.

He gets some words of advice from Tom Chaffee of ePublishing: “…serve your constituents well, give them plenty of opportunities to interact with multiple forms of your content…and you will be successful.”

There is more member news in this month’s newsletter than usual and that comes on purpose. We would really like to make Hotline a must-read for people who want to follow their peers in the industry. If you have a new hire, we want to know. If you’re rolling out a new campaign, website or blog, send me an email. If anything changes with you or your company, let Hotline be the first to know!

Let’s end with three of those rules for success, from Clay Hall, CEO of Aspire Media LLC: “First, spend time trying to figure out how something could work before acknowledging the challenges or roadblocks; second, work harder than your competitors; third, hire people who are smarter than you are.

If you’re not a SIPA member, you should definitely consider becoming one!


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