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Tag: creating landing pages

Now Available: Landing Page Inspiration

Look no further than these 11 examples to make your landing pages wildly successful

Whether you’re selling a product or hoping to trade a free report for an email address, your landing page is where you lay it all on the line. Badly written copy, sloppy formatting and lackluster layout lead to death on a page.

But there’s hope for even the newest landing page amateur. Pay scrupulous attention to certain best practices, and you’ll be rolling in dough (or email addresses) in no time.

3 Tips for Converting More Visitors with Your Website

Website landing page suggestions that will help you build a larger audience

When audience members arrive on your website, they have a few options. If they find your content relevant, they can check out other aligned articles. If they don’t find the information to be what they seek, they can bounce off your site. If they determine your content is top-notch, they may decide to receive updates with email newsletters.

Build a Valued Database of Subscribers with Proper Landing Page Optimization

This free report from Mequoda Group will give you best practices on creating landing pages that convert visitors into email subscribers

Have You Read Our Landing Page Handbook?

If not, can you write, design and create sales letter landing pages that convert visitors into email subscribers or buyers?

Action, action, action!

I can’t say it enough… Sales letter landing pages are about getting your reader to take action.

If you focus the content of your sales letter landing page on a topic and the single intention of convincing the reader to convert, then you’re starting in a strong place.

Our free Landing Page Handbook: Creating Sales Letter Landing Pages that Sell contains 12 best practices for creating landing pages that sell, be it a paid product or a free one.

Learn How To Create Sales Letter Landing Pages That Sell

Free Landing Page Handbook Released

Landing Pages that Work: What Needs to be Tested

8 essentials to consider while designing your landing page

Website Metrics Made Easy

Promotional codes are an inexpensive way to identify what is working for your online business and what needs to be changed.

Metrics are vital to knowing if you are reaching your audience. Detailed metrics are increasingly available in the digital world, but with so many channels for reaching users, and with several metrics for each channel, the blessing of metrics can be a confusing curse. Simple systems that track how users are converted are either scarce or expensive—until now.

Landing Page Optimization Conversion Index

A Mathematical Formula for Increasing Landing Page Conversion Rates

Last week at the SIPA event in Las Vegas, we heard from Jalali Hartman, Director of Strategy at who shared with us a formula for improving our landing page conversion rates.

In a presentation titled “5-Step Plan to Skyrocket Your Registration Funnel Conversion Rate”, Mr. Hartman shared with us the MEC Conversion Index, which is a mathematical formula for analyzing the probability of your landing page conversion rates.

Five Tips for Improving Your Landing Page Order Mechanism

Posting a landing page with a confusing or inadequate order mechanism is like opening a new Wal-Mart, but forgetting to install cash registers. What’s the point?

In direct mail advertising, one of the two most important elements of the package is the order form (the other being the outer envelope). If you get everything else right and blow the order mechanism, your sales letter landing page will almost certainly fail.

Four Tips for Designing Aesthetically Pleasing Landing Pages

How can you decide on the right design for your landing page?

Beauty is relative, cultural, genetic and ever-changing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and aesthetic judgments are subjective.

The answer is to know your target market and create an appearance that conforms to your visitors’ expectations. We call it the “user’s mental model.”

Four Tips for Using Fresh Content and Urgency to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

Few things destroy the credibility of a landing page sales letter more quickly and effectively than content that’s out of date.

How can you expect the prospect to take your message seriously if you’re not even interested enough in the content to keep it current?

It’s also important to remember that some of your potential customers may only visit your landing page once. If they don’t buy immediately, they may never return.

Five Tips for Improving Landing Page Readability

f a landing page is comfortable and easy to read, your prospects are more likely to keep reading and respond to your sales message. Much of this is the responsibility of the copywriter, whose job it is to keep the message flowing in interesting and easily assimilated (bite-sized) chunks, but there are other factors that contribute to making a website comfortable and easy to read—notably, the choice of typeface.

Five Tips for Writing Landing Page Copy that Increases Conversion Rates

Writing effective landing page copy that increases conversion rates is a technique every Internet marketer aims to master. We understand that there are hundreds of variations available and that the only way to truly discover what works is to test, test, test. But we must remember that there are a few solid copy principles that hold true regardless of product type or marketing medium.

12 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

What criteria would four of America’s most successful copywriters use to create better sales letter landing pages? And how would 26 landing pages from a variety of large and small publishers and authors hold up under their intense scrutiny?

Over the past 12 months, John Clausen, Peter A. Schaible, Robert W. Bly and Peter J. Fogel have used a list of 12 guidelines designed to increase landing page conversion rates to critique 26 successful (and a few not-so-successful) sales letter landing pages for a variety of books, magazines and newsletters for Mequoda’s Creating Landing Pages That Sell.

2006 Resolution: Test Long Copy to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

After years of using light copy landing pages to sell subscriptions, one health newsletter publisher increases his landing page conversion rate by 31 percent with a long copy sales letter landing page.