Have You Read Our Landing Page Handbook?

If not, can you write, design and create sales letter landing pages that convert visitors into email subscribers or buyers?

Action, action, action!

I can’t say it enough… Sales letter landing pages are about getting your reader to take action.

If you focus the content of your sales letter landing page on a topic and the single intention of convincing the reader to convert, then you’re starting in a strong place.

Our free Landing Page Handbook: Creating Sales Letter Landing Pages that Sell contains 12 best practices for creating landing pages that sell, be it a paid product or a free one.

If you haven’t already downloaded this popular free report, feel free to do so now or pass on the information to someone whose website should be converting more visitors.


For those wanting more information…

Our Landing Page Handbook will teach you how to write effective headlines and capture the reader’s attention with interesting stories.

It also discusses how to webify your content, improve readability and content density, provide urgency and content freshness and offers tips for designing aesthetically pleasing landing pages.

After reading this 43-page handbook, you will have the knowledge of how to create landing pages that convert, how to develop relationships with email and build credibility with your audience.

Components for creating quick-loading, strategic orderflows with multiple convenient order options will allow you to satisfy your users and make the purchasing process easier for them. Speaking in their language will also help the relationship flourish.

If you want to learn all of these actionable elements of a sales letter landing page, receive your free digital copy of our Landing Page Handbook: Creating Sales Letter Landing Pages that Sell now. If you have read it, but feel your conversion rate can be higher, take another look at the handbook’s content to determine if there’s a place to improve upon.


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