Four Tips for Using Fresh Content and Urgency to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

Few things destroy the credibility of a landing page sales letter more quickly and effectively than content that’s out of date.

How can you expect the prospect to take your message seriously if you’re not even interested enough in the content to keep it current?

It’s also important to remember that some of your potential customers may only visit your landing page once. If they don’t buy immediately, they may never return.

In a recent chapter of the Creating Landing Pages That Sell book, Don Nicholas and Peter A. Schaible point out the importance of using content freshness and urgency to increase landing page conversion rates.


Here are a few tips for keeping your content fresh and offering visitors a reason to buy now.

  1. Something as simple as displaying the current date on the site can help with content freshness.
  2. If you offer a mouthwatering, gotta-have-it special premium that they will receive immediately upon buying, you can significantly increase your landing page conversion rate.
  3. Create urgency by letting the reader know that the price is a “market test” and may change soon.
  4. Alternatively, announce an expiration date for the offer—a deadline by which the user must respond to get the free bonuses.

A note of caution: if you say quantities of an information product are limited, you have to make that claim believable by explaining why this is so, e.g., “We have a limited supply of our free CD, and once the inventory is gone, we will not be going back to press.”


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