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Dear Colleague,

Just when you were just starting to get the hang of social marketing, Facebook went and flipped itself on its head. Thankfully, many of the strategies you once used or wondered about, still work. They just need a little retooling.

Since the change launched, we’ve been re-testing and analyzing the depths of the new Facebook algorithm to come up with new strategies that bring your Facebook marketing efforts to new heights.

There was a time when your only hope of being passed along was through your “forward to a friend” button on your email newsletter. Not anymore. In our 90-minute Facebook for Publishers webinar on CD, attendees will learn both fundamental and advanced strategies behind a successful Facebook campaign.

Increasing revenue with Facebook
Starting out the webinar, we’ll show you advanced real-world case studies of publishers like you who have been successful using the platform to increase revenue and have been strategically adapting through every step of the redesign.

Driving website traffic with Facebook
Next, we’ll dive into the step-by-step of optimizing your Facebook account to drive the most traffic back to your website. We’ll go over rules for posting content, best practices and creative ideas for getting the most out every minute that you spend online.

Facebook case studies
Throughout the webinar, we’ll present you with real-life case studies of the publishers who are successfully using all of these strategies.

We’ll also determine the best types of content that you can repurpose in order to drive website traffic, and the metrics you should be watching in your day-to-day endeavors.

In 90-minutes, discover how the “new’ Facebook has affected publishers everywhere, and how we’ve learned to love these adjustments. You’ll learn how to boost SEO rank on your articles by taking advantage of Facebook’s new algorithm and why it’s more important than ever to learn the best strategies for boosting engagement on your Facebook pages.


Why publishers (and many businesses) can thrive on Facebook

Social media is a collaboration of all the tools that the consumers of today use on a regular basis. Blogs are being written and read more often than print media, and user-generated content is being produced for free, every second of the day. People are building digital relationships with those of similar interests via giant social networks and turning them into real-life friendships and business relationships.

The line that was previously drawn between digital media consumption and everyday in-hand media consumption is blurred, as are the relationships that cross from digital chatter to real-life hand shaking.
The point? There was a time when a fancy building and representation from movies like “The Devil Wears Prada” is all that the general public expected from you as a publishing company. Fortunately, those days are over, and we’re all expected to take off our Gucci sunglasses and instead, coming out looking like it’s laundry day.

The walls have come down. So it’s time to deeply strategize exactly how these new relationships will grow and prosper with social media. Until now, you’ve been watching what everyone else is doing, and crossing your fingers that they did their research. The truth is that most publishers dove so fast into social media that they skipped that part, and in most of the industry, it’s like the blind leading the blind.

After watching these misinterpreted strategies ping pong back and forth, we’ve decided to pull together a blueprint, based only on the strategies that have worked and continue to work in our industry. No theory, no hypothesized best practices, just case studies followed by strategies that you can immediately implement in your own publishing business.

If you are a publisher, editor, or online marketer who has never sat down to construct an actual social media plan for your business, I suggest that you order Facebook for Publishers.


Build Loyal Communities with Facebook

During our 90-minute webinar on Facebook for Publishers, we’ll start by going over what your goals and objectives are. Are you trying to drive more traffic? Build a community? Sell more products?

Here are just a few things you’ll learn by ordering Facebook for Publishers:

How the New Facebook Algorithm Affects You — What should you be doing differently, now that Facebook has been rearranged? The reality is that there are a few things that made for easy promotion and “likes” that you used to be able to get away with that are now obsolete. In this webinar, you’ll discover the new methods for getting people to click and comment on your links while causing a boost in SEO rank back at your site.

Whether to Use a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group — The first order of business is setting up your Facebook page. Do you have an identifiable brand figure in your organization that can be linked to your company page? Should you even have a company page, or should you build the contacts that already exist with your brand figure? Or, is your business model more suited to be successful with a Facebook Group instead?

Getting the Most from What You Share on Facebook — The goal of Facebook is to nurture a community outside of your website, but to eventually send them back to your own URL. We’ll go over the strategy that should be behind every thing you post.

How to Write Facebook Posts That Elicit Comments and Drive Traffic — Surely you can’t help if someone’s tastes change and they lose interest in your brand. However, you can be proactive when it comes to content and frequency. You can do this by creating a publishing schedule for your brand’s Facebook page. Be sure to stick to the schedule, whatever you decide the frequency should be. Making updates too often or too infrequently can both be issues, so find a happy medium.

How to Build Your Fanbase and Grow Your Community — One of the biggest talking points when it comes to Facebook is how you will deal with customer comments. Great comments and questions are always encouraged and can be used as testimonials, but how should you deal with negative feedback? We’ll show you how to turn negative comments into positive interactions that make you look good. We’ll also go over how to elicit comments and more involvement on your page, as well as why disabling wall comments is a bad idea.

Getting Familiar with Using Facebook’s New Custom Tabs — Facebook makes it easy to create custom tabs. If you are giving away free products using landing pages on your own site, it’s just as easy to duplicate those landing pages using custom tabs in Facebook. We’ll show examples of how other publishers are using these tabs to collect email addresses, offer promotions and sell subscriptions.

Posting and Promoting Facebook Events — You can also use Facebook to casually solicit guests to your webinars and live events. You can make them both public and  private and monetize your existing contacts while building new leads with new contacts.

Measuring and Identifying Facebook Analytics — Luckily, Facebook is one of the few social media platforms with robust analytics built in. We’ll also show you several other external tools for finding out how your competitors are doing and who’s been talking about your products across the network.


Order now!

This 90-minute Facebook for Publishers webinar is designed for editors and audience development professionals as well as CEOs and Publishers, as an in-depth workshop on developing your company’s social media policies and strategies in all levels of the organization. It’s the only way to be truly successful in the digital age.

In addition to companies realizing the value of content marketing and social media, consumers are noticing the trend as well. They appreciate the transparency of social media, the lack of deception associated with it and the free samples (blogs) that show the quality of an organization’s content.

Our 90-minute comprehensive Facebook for Publishers webinar will not only introduce you to the principles of Facebook marketing as a whole, it will illustrate how specific companies use these strategies to become more robust, attract more users and generate more revenue.

Order Facebook for Publishers so you can begin getting more influential eyes on your website, resulting in more revenue, while striving towards greater penetration in your market.


Kim Mateus

Chief Content Officer, Mequoda Group and your Webinar Host

Your Webinar Leader

Patrick Hughes, New Media Producer, Mequoda

Patrick Hughes works directly with Mequoda’s clients to help them build their social media and web video marketing strategies. Through his own web video and social media companies, he’s consulted with others such as Bosch, Klondike, BET Network, MetLife and United Way. He has guided the launch and development of hundreds of successful social media campaigns. In 2008, Patrick founded VisualPost, a video production company that defines video marketing as visual storytelling. In 2010 his social media clients blossomed into their own company called BuzzFarmers who work with businesses and start-ups on audience development, social media marketing, and content generation. Since 2008, Patrick has helped drive hundreds of thousands of fans, followers, comments and video views to his clients, internationally.


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