One of the Best Tools for Building Email Circulation

How are you building your email marketing file?

Every online marketer and audience development manager has a preferred method for building their email file.

As a content creator myself, and the person tasked with audience development efforts, my favorite way to build an email file relies on great content and superb targeting.

Further, this method is probably one you are already familiar with, and deploying throughout your digital publication.

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Using free reports to build email circulation

For those digital publishers who already have free reports, updating them gives you the opportunity to update evergreen content. It also gives you the chance to retarget specific keyword phrases and promote through email, social media, and online press release distribution websites.

I recently updated our free report on website homepage design to target a new keyword phrase in the title. Now, Website Homepage Ideas is the title, targeting that specific keyword phrase. I created a post to promote the free report, and after six hours of being published, it now resides on page one in Google for the search querie “website homepage ideas”.

As you can see, updating free reports and relaunching promotional efforts for them, can help you reach new audiences, rank well on relevant search terms, and add new subscribers to your file.


    Your free marketing book is extremely helpfull
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