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Tag: social analytics

Major Magazine Publishers Begin to Respect SEO

Major magazine publishers are getting hip to SEO, and just in time.
A couple weeks ago, Google’s Penguin 4.0 update officially finished rolling out. Publishers who saw the biggest drops, if any, are urged to do link cleanup, as this is a big focus of Penguin.

Search Engine Land reports, “Those hit by any version of Penguin

The Best Web Analytics Tools for Publishers

What to look for in web analytics tools, from Haven Nexus, to Google Analytics, Kiss Metrics, Social Bro and True Social Metrics

Data analytics are critical for the success of your multiplatform publishing business. Your website, email and social media efforts are all used to promote your content and make more money for your business. It’s

Social Media Publisher? Check Out These Facebook and Snapchat Updates

For the enterprising social media publisher, Facebook video and Snapchat represent a promising future
What does it mean to be a social media publisher these days? It means you’re willing to experiment. It means you’re willing to venture out of your comfort zone. It means you’re willing to invest in dedicated staff. It means you can

Publishing Video: Platforms, Monetization, Vertical, and More

The push behind publishing video or perishing is reaching a fever pitch now, and we must admit – it is in your best interests to start doing it. But do not fear: It’s not nearly as daunting a task as it might seem, and there are many ways to accomplish it.

Are you going to start producing slick, NYT-style slices of life overnight? No, probably not. But you can repurpose content with quick-hitting films, make behind-the-scenes features about producing stories, and share videos from other sources to start ginning up views and conversions.

You can also see what other digital magazines are doing. Digiday helps us out in that department today. Let’s get started!

Publishers Nailing Social Media Optimization Through Custom Facebook Graphics

Publishers are paying more attention to social media optimization through their featured images and seeing higher reach

If you’re simply choosing stock photos from a library and using them as the featured graphics in your Facebook posts, you’re way behind the times, baby.

If there’s one thing social analytics are telling publishers, it’s that if content is

Top 3 Social Media Scheduling Tools Digital Publishers Love

Save your social media team time and simplify their workflow with these three social media scheduling tools
Publishers practically invented content management systems, but one area we find publishers lacking in, is their social media management.

When we’re all sitting around at the lunch tables at our quarterly Intensive, we talk about our 12x12x12 social media strategy that’s

What Digital Marketers Want In Social Analytics

Social media has transformed digital marketing strategies over the years. At first, brands weren’t on board with social as they couldn’t understand how to benefit from it. Then, after social grew in popularity, many turned towards it without knowing how to actually maneuver the landscape, and did so just because others did it.

Will BitWall be the New Paywall for Subscription Websites?

Paywalls have been big for publishers by bringing in subscription website money. The Daily Dish is going at paywalls in another way; by accepting tweets or bitcoins in exchange for premium content.

Kit Eaton writes, “Called BitWall, the paywall is intended to boost revenue by promoting content. Users can also choose to see an ad if they don’t wish to tweet.”

5 Key Features for Social Media Software Functionality

What active social media professionals look for in the tools they use

How many stories have you heard about the major impacts of social media? The interesting aspect is that major impacts can be for better or worse.

For instance, consider all the pieces of content that go viral and propel individuals into a stage of stardom because they were savvy enough to use social media correctly. Now think about the opposite; those who took irrational actions online and paid the consequences. The moral here is that social media can make or break an organization or individual.

HootSuite: Pro vs. Free Subscriber Options

Is it worth the investment to be a premium member of HootSuite?

At the Mequoda Summit West 2012 in Colorado, we listed HootSuite as a helpful social media tool for digital publishers.

For those who were not already using the social tool, there were some follow-up questions. They asked what could be done with it, and if it was worth spending the money to get HootSuite Pro. Let’s take a closer look at each option, so you can decide for yourself.

3 Ways to Get The Most Accurate Social Media Analytics

The fundamental differences between web analytics, plugin analytics, and social sharing platform analytics
Radio pioneer Lee De Forest once argued that, “while theoretically and technically television may be feasible, commercially and financially it is an impossibility.”

Just like the television, and every other new means of communication, social media has seen its “…but where’s the money?” days. And ROI may have been the most-hated acronym in the social media circle at one time, but today it’s just another way to prove the effectiveness of humanizing your business.

Guardian’s nOtice Gives Edge to ‘Communities’

New Thinking Puts Spotlight on nOtice

We’ve come a long way from Paul Revere’s ride for dispensing community information. But the British are still coming, at least in terms of innovative ideas. Yesterday was the launch date for nOtice, a new tool from The Guardian, orchestrated to give the community message board a digital updating. The Nieman Journalism Lab wrote “Think Craigslist, with SoLoMo [the meeting of Social, Local and Mobile media] sensibilities.” They quoted Matt McAlister, the Guardian’s director of digital strategy: “‘…there have been loads of noticeboards created,’ and ‘people are starting to be a little bit more creative about it’ (using, say, customized logos and snazzy backgrounds for their sites).”

Google+ For Business: How Fast Should You Really be Running Towards the G-Light?

What Google+ will and won’t do for online publishers

It’s not exactly safe to say that using a Google network does anything for your SEO status. In fact, I’ve seen blogs on the Google-owned Blogger platform get completely ignored. Even worse, they were completely ignored once the blogger ditched their domain name and opted for the native blogger URL. Lots of traffic and AdSense income one day, and then completely dead the next day. True story.

AddThis Social Sharing Plugin Gets Google Analytics

AddThis, ShareThis and AddToAny now automatically get Google’s Social Plug-In Analytics

On any other day, there’s no real reason to recommend one social bookmarking/sharing plugin over another because as long as they work, it’s just a matter of visual preference on how you want your “tweet” and “like” buttons to look.

How to Unify Social Media with HootSuite

Keeping track of all your social media accounts can get a little daunting. Some people like to organize with a thousand different browser tabs, while other people like to use desktop programs like TweetDeck. You might have to manage several Twitter accounts and make updates to the your company’s Facebook fan page at the same time.

What we all really need is a place to unify social media, all in one window, so that we’re not stuck trying to remember seven different passwords and trying to remember how to use several different platforms.