AddThis Social Sharing Plugin Gets Google Analytics

AddThis, ShareThis and AddToAny now automatically get Google’s Social Plug-In Analytics

On any other day, there’s no real reason for us to recommend one social bookmarking/sharing plugin over another because as long as they work, it’s just a matter of visual preference on how you want your “tweet” and “like” buttons to look.

However it’s no big secret that developers tend to love AddThis because its API is easy to assemble. In my experience, it also reflects the most accurate button counts. Additionally, Google Analytics released Social Plug-In Analytics back in June, so it was only a matter of time before they linked up with some of the top social bookmarking plugins.

So wait, what just happened? Back in June, Google Analytics finally made it a little easier for you to start making more sense of all those tweets, likes and +1’s. A little bit of set up time and suddenly you’ve got a social media analytics report.

But Google’s big brain couldn’t leave it alone, so they must have pondered how to make it even easier. So just last week, they announced partnering with AddThis (and ShareThis and AddToAny), making these social bookmark plugins now automatically implemented to start tracking social analytics. How easy? This easy, according to the Google Analytics blog:

To enable the integration for all of your AddThis buttons, you are now just one line of code away, and ShareThis users don’t have to do a thing. If you have Google Analytics installed, and you are using a ShareThis widget, simply login into Google Analytics and check out your new social reports!

So if you’re still wondering which social sharing plugin to install on your blog, Google has just narrowed down a few select choices. Check out the AddThis Wrdpress Plugin.

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