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Tag: social media metrics

Cate Prato Joins Mequoda as Implementation Team Director

Prato will work with a cross-functional team made up of Haven Nexus Software Engineers, QA engineers and subject matter experts to implement Mequoda Systems.
In Mequoda’s history, one of our most successful clients has been Interweave. With our guidance on SEO, email marketing, and website best practices, Interweave launched a group of online communities including Knitting

Social Media for Publishers: The MPA’s Latest Report

The shifting landscape of social media for publishers stood still for at least moment this week, as the the Association of Magazine Media’s 360° report on the first quarter of 2015 homed in on performance across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The “Pages” for Social Media Analytics

Have you been using Google Analytics to monitor social media activities?

For a while, online marketers were questioning the value behind social media. As time goes on, more analytical tools become available, which make it easier to monitor the impact social media has on your company.

Who is Linking to Your Website?

Open Site Explorer can help build better authority for your website

Do you realize that it does matter who links to your website? Websites that link to your content can have an impact on your website’s authority. If you are linked to by a lot of popular, well-regarded websites, it can help your standing in search engines. The right links can strength your reputation. Similarly, negative affiliations should be avoided.

If you want to brush up on who is linking to your website, try Open Site Explorer. This tool offers some information for free, with a premium option for advanced reports and social media metrics.

5 Tips for Social Media Metrics

Look, listen and measure your social media activities

At SES in New York, social media was a highly discussed topic.

In a session entitled Social Media Metrics, Noran El-Shinnawy, Internet Marketing Manager at Acquisio, touched on tips for measuring your social media activities.

2011 Outlook Gives Data and Trends That Matter

2011 Industry Outlook Offers Insightful Data

“It has to be easy [for customers]; nobody wants speed bumps on the information highway,” Anthea Stratigos, co-founder & CEO of Outsell, Inc., told a Capital Content breakfast audience in Washington, D.C., last month. The well-attended event was co-sponsored by SIPA and the Software & Information Industry Association.

Her presentation was titled a “2011 Information Industry Outlook,” an industry she said that is now valued at $366 billion. Predicting a 2% growth in revenues for 2011, Stratigos said that, “One-fourth of our waking hours are now spent on mobile devices.” The good news of that statement, in her view, is that, “There’s certainly more of a propensity on mobile for users to pay for content.” People are paying for magazines on mobile because “users are used to paying for them.”

Virtual May Be Your Best Way to Go

Almost There: Tips for Going Virtual

The merits of attending a conference are fairly obvious—network with colleagues, attend sessions designed for your field, ask questions of exhibitors and peers, participate in group exercises, make important new connections—but not everyone can go.

Around 200 people will attend SIPA’s Marketing Conference next week in Miami, a very good number for this meeting. But with so many others out there who could benefit from such an informative lineup of speakers, SIPA wanted to –and indeed has—made a portion of the Conference available virtually for others to take advantage of. (You can check what’s being offered and register at a special landing page.)

3 Reasons to Include Facebook in Your Social Media Strategy

Why many publishers are now using Facebook in their social media strategy to connect with fans

There are 3 solid reasons for a B2C businesses to use Facebook over Twitter. First, Facebook has no limits on comments or posts. Twitter only allows for 140 characters. Messages have to be kept short (lots of fun for creative copywriters using the platform for promotion). Second, Twitter isn’t the most “social” piece of a social media strategy out there. With Facebook, you can directly invite friends or share content, like pictures or videos, very easily. Third, Facebook provides valuable analytics that go way beyond Twitter’s follower count.
They really “Like” me

Tips for converting from iProduction to WordPress?


We are in the process of converting our blog from iProduction (CMS)  to WordPress. In iProduction, we had the option of entering a meta title, meta description and meta keywords for each blog post.

We are using the Headspace2 plug-in, which provides fields for the meta title and meta description, but not meta keywords. Do “tags”

Notes and Quotes from PodCamp Boston 4: Social Media Grows Up

Developing new media for your audience that fulfills their needs, while measuring how these new technologies meet your own business goals

Take Away 12 Tools from the Mequoda Summit (it’s not your average conference)

A valuable conference should reach three goals: #1 great sessions, #2 great take-aways and #3 great attendees.
We’ve got #1 and #2 covered, come to the Mequoda Summit and be a part of #3!

Do tags convert into meta keywords?


We are in the process of converting our blog from iProduction to WordPress.  In iProduction, we had the option of entering a meta title, meta description and meta keywords for each blog post.  We are using the Headspace2 plug-in which provides fields for the meta title and meta description, but not meta keywords.  Do “tags”

Social Media Marketing for Publishers – Let’s Talk About It.

Since two years ago when we started engaging in social media, our traffic has doubled, and our email list has almost tripled. Since October, when social media really started ramping up, our Twitter followers have gone from 100 to over 2,000. That’s an easy metric to track, but you can imagine the others—which I’d like to share with you.

FOLIO: Growth Summit Coverage – Using Social Networks to Strengthen Your Market Position

Cia Romano and I talk social networks – both building your own, and using existing social networks to develop a diverse online audience.

Social Media Management: 30+ Social Media Metrics

What’s the ROI for being social? Think social media doesn’t convert? Let’s get the facts straight about measuring social media.

You’re either on the bandwagon or you’re not. But as time goes on, the people who call social media a “fad” are starting to look like those who didn’t believe the Internet would be a big deal. So it’s time to educate yourself, or miss out on one of the best ways to drive website traffic since online press releases.