Who is Linking to Your Website?

Open Site Explorer can help build better authority for your website

Do you realize that it matters who links to your website? Websites that link to your content can have an impact on your website’s authority. If you are linked to by a lot of popular, well-regarded websites, it can help your standing in search engines. The right links can strength your reputation. Similarly, negative affiliations should be avoided.

If you want to brush up on who is linking to your website, try Open Site Explorer. This tool offers some information for free, with a premium option for advanced reports and social media metrics.

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The free aspect of the tool allows you to research the sites that are linking to your website. In turn you can attempt to strengthen relationships with those websites as part of your audience development strategy. You can also use the tool to discover links to old or posts or broken links. Fixing broken links helps increase authority.

Finally, you can research competitors to see who is linking to them. You can use that information to build relationships with the contacts your competitors already have.

Do you currently use Open Site Explorer for researching purposes? Please share your thoughts on this tool below.


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