The “Pages” for Social Media Analytics

Have you been using Google Analytics to monitor social media activities?

For a while, online marketers were questioning the value behind social media. As time goes on, more analytical tools become available, which make it easier to monitor the impact social media has on your company.

There are certainly many data points that can be tracked and monitored with the help of analytics programs. I’ve listed three examples of important social media metrics worth tracking.


Three social media metrics

Google Analytics users probably know that they can view social data within the Traffic Sources tabs of the newest Analytics version.

The “Pages” section is the home to a handful of metrics you should pay attention to because it gives you the information on which page brings in the most: visits, pageviews, pages per visit, and how long the visitor stayed on your site.

You can use this data to compare against search traffic if you’d like to get an idea of which works better for specific information. Knowing the pages that are most popular on social media gives you an idea of the content that you should share more often. It’s the aligned community that should be targeted with your communications.

Has looking at the Social part of Google Analytics changed your social media strategies? Please share your stories in the comments below.


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