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Tag: social web

Publishers’ International Expansion: Good News and Bad News

Among all of the challenges facing digital publishers, international expansion is understandably on the back burner, but don’t sleep on the possible new revenue stream. Social media has shown that world markets can shrink and become more manageable, while audience development and engagement aren’t limited by boundaries.

MediaPost’s Publishers Daily touches on this trend in recent articles, both the positive signs for growth as well as some of the drawbacks.

Time Inc. Digital Adds DIY Social Platform

With the launch of The Snug, a mobile-first aggregator site aimed at Millennials, Time Inc. digital continues its scramble to reestablish itself as a dominant publisher since it split with Time Warner in mid-2014.

Bloomberg Ads Going Native

Digiday reports that Bloomberg is offering advertisers its number-crunching expertise to produce native ads from a platform called the Bloomberg Denizen.

Quartz Reveals the “Secret” to the Social Web

If Quartz has anything to say about social and digital publishing, it’s that we’re all slowly but surely getting better at it. Well, at least they are. Following the trends of the web, less is more, and where an image will do, use it. “We try to tell stories with images and pictures and avoid two extra paragraphs or 70 extra words where a chart or graph would do. Over 50 percent of the Quartz content has a chart or graph. It’s our version of cat videos,” says Jay Lauf, publisher of Quartz.

The Lifespan of Shared Links

Do you know how long your links live on social networks?

A recent article on the bitly blog asks, “How long is a link “alive” before people stop caring?”

It’s a very relevant question, especially to all of the online publishers and content marketers who are sharing content throughout an array of websites.

Statistics on How Content is Shared Online

There are many ways to share content online; are you utilizing the most popular methods?

Nielsen Online and AOL released an April 2011 report entitled “Content is the Fuel of the Social Web”. Within this report, more than 10,000 social media messages were analyzed to decipher the methods used for sharing content online.

The overall findings showed that 93% of Internet users used email to share content, 89% used social networks and 82% used blogs.

Hewitt Offers Case Study in Social Media Success

Hewitt to bring real-world success to SIPA 2011

Perry Hewitt, Harvard University’s director of digital communications and communications services—and SIPA 2011’s keynote speaker for Monday afternoon, June 6—will offer a successful blueprint for winning in today’s digital world. She will present a case study of how Harvard University has embraced the digital age and also unveil some amazing decisions that allowed the prestigious school to stay at the forefront of knowledge building and creation.

A story last month in the Boston Herald described the atmosphere that Hewitt has helped to create. The article began: “Harvard University is a case study in using social media. ranked the birthplace of Facebook as the most social media-savvy college in the nation for its use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other tools to communicate with students, parents, alumni and others.”

Predictions for Online Advertising in 2011

See what the future may hold for Internet marketers

Social media marketing was big in 2010. Companies cared about getting “Likes” on Facebook while building their social networks.

What do you think the future holds for online advertising in 2011? Will social continue to evolve into smaller, niche location-based activities?

TweetDeck for Publishers

Making your Twitter experience more manageable

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Past and Future of the Social Media Press Release

A new(ish) type of press release, generally referred to as a “social media release” is quickly gaining popularity. These types of press releases generally include many multimedia elements, enable to user to engage with the content on many different levels and allow the release to be shared in dozens of different ways.