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Less than two weeks left to get our lowest price on this Internet marketing event for publishers

In the days of old, editors had one primary responsibility: writing great content. Marketers also had one goal: push the word out through a handful of mediums.

The rules have changed and in order to be a successful online publisher, editors must be trained in SEO and must learn to connect with their audience via blog comments and other online interactions.

If marketers today really want to be heard, they must engage on social networks, build relationships with bloggers, publish digital press releases, submit events to online directories, and reach their audience more personally than ever before.

The new business models used by successful online publishers now include building an audience that chooses them over the millions of websites online today.

If you’re looking to build one of these new online business models, you can attend the Mequoda Summit and Internet marketing conference, created exclusively for and by publishers, at our lowest rate of only $897. Even better, if you register more than one person, you’ll only pay $797 per person.

The Mequoda Summit takes place in Boston on October 7-9th.

Note: You have less than two weeks to register at this low price! On August 14th, these special rates (which save you $800 on the event) will expire.

Register for the Mequoda Summit today!

If you come into a scheduling conflict, or for some other reason can’t attend, you can always get a full refund up to 10 days prior. You can’t, however, get this low rate after August 14th.

Who attends the Mequoda Summit, and why they keep coming back

The Mequoda Summit enables all publishing professionals, regardless of job title or company size, to have two days to talk, listen and generally share ideas and experiences… in person… in a world class hotel… in a modern U.S. city.

I’m told that many large-company CEOs feel isolated from their peers and other colleagues, just as some small company principals do.

The professional camaraderie and “shop talk” we experience at the Mequoda Summit is unsurpassed. There is nothing that compares to interacting with a room full of other publishing professionals who do the same work…with the same passion and enthusiasm!

When you attend the Mequoda Summit, you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded publishers, editors and marketers who are looking to take their existing print brands and create robust online brands.

When you leave the Summit, you’ll be equipped with all the tools and skills to take your website to the next level.

If you’ve only just started building an online presence, save yourself the thousands of dollars in trial & error and start with our proven Mequoda System, a set of best practices and skills for building an online publishing business.

It’s a blueprint for building a successful content-driven website. Our tools and best practices are literally up to the minute and have been proven by hundreds of successful publishers.

Join us at the Mequoda Summit to explore these and other emerging trends around online publishing:

  • Taking 20+ years of back-content and turning it into blog posts, eBooks, podcasts and other new media initiatives
  • Search engine optimizing not just blog posts, but every element, of every page, of a website network
  • Starting with a concept, instead of a story, and turning it into a multi-platform product
  • Marketing to the social web with personal branding and using consumer-driven communities to help build business
  • Creating business models and monetization methods with online media
  • Building online teams dedicated to creating a robust website with a profitable product line

Register for the Mequoda Summit today!

More specifically, here are the twelve main sessions we have planned for the Mequoda Summit (in addition to several case studies presented by the publishers themselves):

  • Online Market Analysis — Getting to Know Your Online Neighborhood
  • Search Engine Optimization — Mapping and Tracking your Keyword Universe
  • Website Conversion Architecture — Converting Visitors to Email Subscribers
  • Online Content Management — Using Content to Sell Content
  • PR & Link Building — Marketing Free Reports to Build Links
  • Email Newsletter Marketing — Testing to Maximize Email Revenue and Profit
  • Landing Page Optimization — Multivariate and A/B Testing for Higher Conversions
  • Digital Product Strategy — Increasing Customer Lifetime Value
  • Social Media Marketing — Building Online Community and Engagement
  • Structuring Online Jobs — Hiring and Training Online Editors
  • Key Metric Analysis — Managing Online Metrics by Exception
  • Business Plan Development — Creating a 5-Year Plan

The bottom line: by the close of the Summit, you will have in your hands dozens of practical, specific, detailed, and realistic ways to build, manage, and get results from your online marketing program.

To register for the Mequoda Summit today, you can register online now or call Amanda MacArthur, toll-free, at (866) 713-1005.

For the modest registration fee of $1,697, the October 7-9, 2009 Mequoda Summit Boston is a ridiculously good value.

But remember that if you register before August 14th, you will only pay $897 to attend.

Register for the Mequoda Summit today!

When you register for the Mequoda Summit, you can also opt to attend our bonus SEO Workshop on Friday, October 9, for a hands-on program that will show you:

  • how to measure the popularity and competition of your main keyword phrases
  • how to choose the keyword phrases that are more likely to get your landing pages ranked
  • how to write SEO’d headlines, subheads and body copy to create landing pages that not only get lots of love from Google, but also convert visitors into email subscribers

Will we see you at the Sixth Annual Mequoda Summit in Boston? We’re looking forward to it!


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