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Tag: Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA)

5 Paid Newsletter Best Practices for the Digital Age

These days, when people talk about newsletter best practices, they’re usually referring to free email newsletters, used as a marketing tool to drive inbound traffic to websites. But because some of us are old-time journalists here at Mequoda, we also think fondly of paid newsletters, a classic journalistic form that survives today in the digital era.

How BLR Recycles Content on Many B2B Platforms

Mequoda has worked with many publishers over the past 10 years. If I were to describe the “average” Mequoda client, it would be a small to medium, independent publisher with one or more titles in narrow consumer or enthusiast niches. Yes, we have worked with huge multinational publishers as well as single-title startups. And, we have also worked with a number of traditional B2B publishers as well.

Internet marketing genius now available — Mequoda Summit only!

Mequoda’s Audience Development Summit 2012 is more than just talking heads. Not only do you learn the secrets and strategies of the leaders in Internet marketing in six eye-opening sessions, you get to pick their brains, too!

Take home proven strategies for successful digital publishing, niche marketing, content strategy, marketing digital subscriptions and more. Then ask our speakers anything you want at our Audience Development Roundtable AND the Audience Development Power Panel!

Maximizing Online Advertising Revenue

Order this 90-minute webinar today, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover new opportunities for making money with your online content.

Internet Advertising Basics

This 90-minute seminar co-produced by Mequoda and SIPA, could change forever the way you structure online ad sales. Think of it as your blueprint for driving more revenue online.

Building Email Circulation

This revealing Mequoda/SIPA Webinar Offers 41 Sources You Could be Using to Increase Website Traffic & Attract Qualified Email Subscribers

Content Marketing 2010

In 90 minutes, you’ll discover how to use content to sell books, apps, subscriptions and live events

Watch All of Our Webinars On-Demand… Right Now!

Webinars now available on-demand in Mequoda Pro, our training library for online publishers and marketers

How Much Do You Really Know About Ad Sales?

Are you maximizing revenue with your website advertising inventory, or is it time to re-examine your business model?
This 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, could change forever the way you structure online ad sales.

Monetizing Online Customer Relationships with Events

The hidden factors that can determine the success of live events, and how we chose Napa Valley for the Mequoda Summit

Of the nine proven methods used by successful publishers for making money online, the top of the pyramid—and the potentially most profitable—is live events.

If you have a loyal constituency of readers who are paying customers, whose appetite for your narrowly focused, niche information is insatiable, you might want to consider adding a live event held at a “destination” location.

Don Nicholas Gives Away Seven Online Publishing Secrets

Sudbury, MA, November 14, 2006—A 30-year veteran of the publishing industry says he has discovered the seven online publishing secrets of Internet millionaires — and he is giving them away in a downloadable report.