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Tag: trends

Learn What You Need to Correctly Utilize Content Marketing

Last Chance to Sign Up for our Content Marketing 2010 Webinar

Save the Date – Boston Summit 2010: September 15th – 17th, 2010

Join us as we prepare for the future of online publishing at the Boston Summit

Understanding Your Online Opportunities

Thriving in the Digital Future: The Mequoda Keynote Presentation, Live from Napa Valley

Week In Review: March 29th, 2010 – April, 2nd 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Content Marketing Solutions from Junta42 Blogger

Joe Pulizzi, the leader in the content marketing revolution

Managing Digital Media Transformation

Know how to transition your company when times change

Digital Luminaries Gather in Napa

Mequoda Summit, and Its Attendees, Prepare to Shine

Pottery Making Gets Creative Online with Blogging

Jennifer Harnetty is the managing editor of, an online community serving active potters and ceramic artists worldwide

Why Legacy Publishers Should Recruit at Journalism Schools

And the new media skills of some journalism students

Content Marketing 2010

In 90 minutes, you’ll discover how to use content to sell books, apps, subscriptions and live events

Why the Apple iPad Will be a Huge Success

Apple iPad Brings 3rd Generation User Interface to the Masses

Up in the Air for 10,000 Hours

Thinking about new media tends and life choices in 2010

Amazon to Pay Authors & Publishers 70 percent… with Conditions

New information released on how to make more royalties from Kindle publishing

Email Marketing: What’s a Subscriber Worth?

An important ratio to know

Kindle Publishing Competition Heats Up

Free white paper all about publishing on Kindle

Kindle Publishing Competition Heats Up

Complimentary white paper that teaches you the ins and outs of Kindle publishing

Turning a Passion into Profit with an Indian Cuisine Blog

Praveen Kumar shares his culture through food at

Praveen Kumar started out as a web designer in 2000 and then moved in to SEO in 2004. After which, he worked with some of the top dot-com companies in India. Kumar had always wanted to be a chef but since that didn’t happen, he turned her passion for good food into a website where he could share delicious Indian recipes with everyone at

Kumar also enjoys writing poetry, and began writing online at It doesn’t end there, as he also owns a dot-com company providing SEO services and design consulting while trying to be a full-time entrepreneur.

New Media Trends: What Consumers Want Digitally

Are you digitally prepared for 2010?

What You Need To Understand About The Digital Book Industry

Why it’s more important than ever to learn about new media trends

Set Your Blog Up on Kindle

A free way to become part of 2010’s new media trends

Kindle Aims To ‘Light Up’ 2010

New media trends: a forecast of what may be hot, and what may not be, in the communications industry

Where Were You When Digital Books Took Over?

Find out why your books and publications need to be online

Martha Stewart’s Twitter Followers Say: We Love Kindle

“I would start reading mags again”, said one Twitter user, when Martha Stewart asked about distributing magazines on eReaders

Blogging for Profit: How to Monetize a Blog

With over 50 million blogs out there, how do you get your blog to stand out from the crowd and get noticed? The Blogging for Marketing 101 white paper from the Mequoda Group is full of marketing tips you can use to enhance, promote, and monetize your blog.

The Mequoda Group interviewed dozens of online publishers and content marketers who have been using blogs to build, monetize and drive traffic to their blog by attracting more search engine referrals, increasing inbound links and improving reader engagement.. Get advice from publishers who are already successfully blogging for marketing.

Writing Free Report Titles for Effective Search Engine Optimization

The most economical search engine optimization strategy is to start with the title of your free product

Red Relish is Seeking an E-Fashion Rockstar to Be Their Managing Editor

Fashion & lifestyle media platform Red Relish is looking for the next digital stylista and e-fashion rockstar.

Last Week to Save 50% on the Mequoda Summit!

Come to Mequoda’s Online Publishing and Content Marketing Summit to discover the possibilities of an effective online publishing system when you model after publishers who are doing it right
If you’ve been thinking about the Mequoda Summit, or looking for the one conference you should attend this year that will ultimately prepare you for 2010, this is the last week to register for the Mequoda Summit at our most discounted rate.

Join 70+ Special-Interest Niche Publishers in Boston

Less than two weeks left to get our lowest price on this Internet marketing event for publishers

Twitter Demographics: I Tweet, You Tweet, We All Tweet… Right?

Define your social media strategy by learning exactly who is on twitter and what they’re tweeting about

SIPA Take Away #5: Best New Product Development Ideas

Six best of the best new product development ideas in online publishing shared by publishers

Email Marketing Quiz: What’s Your Email Conversion Rate?

Maximize your subscriber file size with aggressive email conversion architecture.
Discover how to forecast and increase profits with the Mequoda Email Circulation Calculator.

Fundamentally, there are only two ways for any business to increase profits.

Want to make more money? Either increase the number of customers, or increase the average sale per customer. Or both.

The success of your online publishing business depends on the same two factors. The important variables are:

Magazines 24/7 Coverage: Raising the Digital Bar in a Down Economy

Panelists share digital revenue percentages and thoughts on how they might increase those in the coming months and years

For The Knot, digital has always been their center. It represents 80% of their total revenue and 50% of that is ads (30% national and 20% local).

“We’ve always been in start-up mode and have always learned how to make the best product at the lowest price tag,” said Carley Roney, Co-Found & Editor-in-Chief, The Knot, Inc.

Online Publishing Book Review: The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David M. Scott

Many online publishers are still using static websites, are you one of them? If your approach to online publishing is the same as print, you are falling through the cracks. The web is ever-evolving and you must embrace change. Don’t be scared, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Online Publishing Book Review: Event Marketing by Leonard H. Hoyle

One aspect of a successful online publishing strategy is organizing events, such as a seminar, convention, exposition, or trade show. It’s an ideal way to promote your products and interact with customers. Once you’ve set a date and secured your location, it’s time to market your event.

Online Publishing Book Review: Search Engine Optimization by Kristopher B. Jones

Once you have identified your target audience or demographic, you must streamline your online marketing strategy. Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital. For a basic overview and useful tips,

Online Publishing Book Review: Every Nonprofit’s Guide to Publishing by Cheryl Woodward

A newsletter website is dedicated to a special interest topic. Newsletter websites are generally set up for subscribers to a print newsletter with access to back issues in either HTML or PDF form. The site also sells subscriptions to the newsletter.

20+ Google Analytics Tips

20+ take-aways from the Google Analytics “Seminar for Success” in Montreal, Canada

Salary Negotiating 101: Making Your Pitch For a Raise

Think you deserve a raise, but are afraid to walk into your boss’s office and ask? Don’t let ineffective negotiation skills hold you back.

Customer Relations Marketing Tips

Proven ways for securing customer bonds

Web 2.0 Expo Notes: A (Mostly) Free SEO Toolbox

Stephan Spencer, Founder and President of Netconcepts lists some helpful SEO tips and (mostly) free online tools

Web 2.0 Expo: 7 Reasons Why Search Engines Are Your Friends

Chris “Silver” Smith of NetConcepts explain how search engines are working with you to improve search rankings and deliver qualified results

Search Engine Use Study

Almost half of all internet users now use search engines on a typical day

Four Best Shopping Cart Upsell Strategies

How are you recommending related products on your shopping cart that both offer a helpful service and increase revenue at the same time?

RCR Wireless News Opens Archives and Offers New Platforms in Re-Architected Mequoda Hub offers content repurposed on many new platforms, increases community involvement, and opens an archive of over 150,000 articles to the public with their redesign.

“Social media has a supply and demand problem” says ZDNet’s Larry Dignan

Well it looks like News Corp. and Google didn’t do their homework when they bought MySpace (News Corp.) and YouTube (Google).

Yesterday in OPA’s Intelligence Report, they had a story on how they are struggling to meet their revenue goals after acquiring the two social media empires in recent years.

According to the article, MySpace was snatched up by News Corp. and “trumpeted at being valued at $6 billion or more, yet the unit will fall short of its $1 billion revenue goal by 10%.“

News Corp. COO Peter Chernin gave three reasons why even their revenues have decreased by $23 million in sequential quarters

The New York Times and Social Media

Could social media networking and optimization play a role in The New York Times’ 82% increase in traffic this year?

Profiting in the New Publishing Environment

Join Don and Kim at the SiPA conference in DC and learn all the latest trends and best practices in this new publishing environment

Top 10 Video Networking Sites

Got lots of viral videos to put up, and not sure where to put them? Here are the 10 most popular places that they should be found.

Podcasting for Publishers

How online publishers are using podcasts to expand their brand, increase customer loyalty and make more money online

Parks Associates predicts that by 2012, “broadband media” such as online streaming video, podcasts and ad-supported music and video download services will make up more than half ($6.6 billion) of the total ($12.6 billion) revenue the U.S. generates in advertising.

Successful podcast publishers distribute their podcasts at least once a week. If you’re the New York Times, it makes sense to distribute a daily podcast with today’s top headlines, however it’s certainly not necessary for the rest of us. While this article doesn’t focus on the content of a podcast, has a great article on content and production rules for podcasting.

iPaper shoots PDFs dead!

How using iPaper could increase traffic, revenue, and user appeal. If you offer PDFs on your website or membership website, you have likely gotten ripped off at one point or another. Especially if you offer a free trial to subscribers with access to your PDFs, where it’s common practice for trial subscribers to get in, download your content, and get out.