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GQ Digital Efforts Boosted by New Publisher

Patrick Hughes

Howard Mittman is emerging as Condé Nast’s fixer, as the former Wired publisher is now trying his hand at another of their brands – this time, with a heavy emphasis on GQ digital efforts.   Continue

Freebie Friday: Audience Development Strategies That Have Helped Publishers Make Millions

Amanda MacArthur

This handbook takes you from the big picture of building an audience to the minute but critical details website architecture that helps you build email lists. You’ll learn how the most successful publishers optimize entire sites for Google, from picking keywords to writing optimized content.   Continue

How to Build a Website with a Simple Website Architecture Template That’s Great for SEO

Kim Mateus

People concern themselves with the external factors (link-building, social media, etc.) of SEO, but those are nothing without website architecture that’s built to pass link juice through the website’s pipeline. Did you know that there are ways to build a website for great SEO that go beyond inbound links and even the words on your website?

A properly optimized site has a chain of command that would look very similar to your business model if you put them side by side.   Continue

Best-Practice Font Tips for Effective Website Design and More Readable Content

Kim Mateus

A recent Digiday story on publishers’ new approach to site redesign reveals that in place of the customary massive overhauls every few years, magazines are now outfitting their portals with infrastructure enabling periodic tweaks and tune-ups rather than part-and-parcel transformations. The realization that redesigns are capable of doing more harm than good has fueled this change in thinking.   Continue

Early 2015 Brings Staff Changes at Top Publishing Companies

Patrick Hughes

The early days of 2015 have seen a streak of staff changes at top publishing companies, from big-time executive positions to digital and event slots getting filled almost daily.   Continue

Audience Development Strategy: Going Beyond Acquisition

Amanda MacArthur

There are four main principles of the Mequoda Method: Attract, Convert, Engage and Monetize.

Engagement is one of the most important steps in the process of audience development because if you fail at keeping subscribers on your email list, or fans on your Twitter page, then you will never monetize them. If they don’t like what you’re publishing, they will unsubscribe and unlike and they’ll never hear about that great new book you’re publishing or event you’re putting on. They’ll be gone. Maybe forever.
So if you’re reaching for new ways to engage your audience and keep subscribers happy, keep reading:   Continue

Sell More Magazine Subscriptions Online Using the Mequoda Method

Amanda MacArthur

At Mequoda, we’ve crunched the numbers and discovered how beautifully email newsletters work to drive revenue. It’s not the traffic that comes to your site, which is the prevailing view among folks in all industries who jumped on the bandwagon early. Back in those days, it was all about impressions! Eyeballs on your page! After all, if they show up on your website, they’re bound to subscribe to your magazine, right?

Wrong.   Continue

New Service for “All You Can Read” Magazines

Patrick Hughes

Magzter, the magazine subscription site offering thousands of titles, announced the debut of Magzter Gold on Monday, January 19. The service takes “all you can read magazines” up a notch, offering two tiers of unlimited access.   Continue

8 Reasons You Should Launch an Online Magazine Library This Year

Ed Coburn

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about digital magazines and specifically online magazines – the online edition of a magazine in HTML format, which typically comes with a library of back content.   Continue

8 Ways to Sell Digital Magazine Subscriptions

Ed Coburn

It’s amazing to look back to just a year or so ago, when digital magazines were still something of a novelty. Today, it’s a given that print publishers will soon create a digital version of their product if they haven’t already.

Amy O’Leary on Audience Development Strategies and Digital Publishing

Patrick Hughes

As a leading contributor to the New York Times “Innovation Report” that was leaked back in May of 2014, Amy O’Leary worked at the fulcrum of a push forward in audience development strategies. In the midst of her move to editorial director at Upworthy, the Nieman Lab interviewed her for her take on the future of digital publishing.   Continue

Freebie Friday: Tips for Creating Digital Magazines in a Tablet Magazine Publishing World

Amanda MacArthur

Most publishers today approach the idea of digital magazines with hesitation, lacking background or experience to guide them in this wholly new enterprise.

Our brand new Digital Magazine Publishing handbook, however, answers all of the questions most publishers have, and even some they probably haven’t yet thought of.   Continue