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Freebie Friday: A Complete Guide to Increasing Website Traffic for Free

Amanda MacArthur

This handbook takes you from the big picture of building an audience to the minute but critical details website architecture that helps you build email lists. You’ll learn how the most successful publishers optimize entire sites for Google, from picking keywords to writing optimized content.   Continue

The Best Offer Management System to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Luis Hernandez

How an offer management system like Haven Direct can improve your online marketing results
Improving online direct marketing results is a constant source of discussion for publishers. They are always tracking, evaluating and testing different offers for their products in order to optimize their results.

In the days of direct mail, before the Internet, publishers would buy   Continue

Test Your Landing Page Copywriting Expertise by Taking this Copywriting Test Now

Luis Hernandez

My publisher friend is a fervent believer in creating A/B splits for his landing pages, focusing specifically on the titles of his paid handbooks. The graphic design of each cover is identical in color, typeface and size. His sales letter landing pages use the exact same persuasive editorial copy except for the title of the book.   Continue

Online Magazine Subscription News: How One Publisher Succeeds

Kim Mateus

Online magazine subscription tactics will key digital publishing strategy in the coming years, as advertising challenges like ad blocking and viewability could force small and midsize, regional and niche, publishers walled off by the likes of Facebook Instant Articles and Snapchat to shift to a membership model.

Luckily, Mequoda Members already know that digital magazine subscriptions are a crucial component of a mutliplatform publishing strategy. The question is not whether to offer subscriptions, but rather what is the best mechanism or product with which to do so.

And you have options.   Continue

CAROT me, baby.

Don Nicholas

At Mequoda, the letters in CAROTME represent the seven key components in the business plans we build for our clients – roadmaps to success that are proven, bulletproof and profitable, and have created many multiplatform publishing superstars over the years.

Do you have a solid business plan for your company? Are you planning how to succeed year by year? Do you have specific goals and benchmarks from your competitors and peers to measure your progress in pursuing them?

If you can’t answer “yes” to all of those questions, please read on. Because I know you understand the value of all of the above. And you may even have a plan you and your team developed together based on your own experience. But you don’t have CAROTME.   Continue

The Benefits of Video Advertising: Buying and Selling Pre-Roll and/or Custom Content

Amanda MacArthur

The benefits of video advertising increase as trends are discovered, users are targeted, and call-to-action buttons are put into use.
Although consumers don’t generally love the 10-15 seconds of advertising they encounter when discovering new YouTube videos, or videos they find on publisher’s websites — they do, in fact, wait through them, at least to the   Continue

What is SMO? Develop Your Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps

Amanda MacArthur

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is what we call the process of optimizing your content and your business, for social media.

Typically, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes first. This is the process of creating content that has been optimized for some set of keywords that our target audience is looking for.

How Platform Distribution Is Fueling Publishing Strategy

Kim Mateus

Robust and varied platform distribution is, by definition, the bedrock of multiplatform publishing, but the spray and pray strategy isn’t really a strategy at all.

You must pick and choose your platforms with some discernment, playing to your strengths and the desires of your audience, both the existing one and the one you’re going after.

Social media strategy, repurposing content, and enterprising with video or by creating a podcast is all part of platform distribution. While we preach (and practice) restraint, we also encourage experimentation, provided you have the right personnel at the helm.   Continue

Reflow-Plus Digital Magazine: Easy on the Eyes

Ed Coburn

Mequoda is big into identifying and quantifying things so we can study them, understand them and use them to enhance our clients’ publishing businesses. And with digital publishing starting to settle down a bit (but just a bit), we’ve identified four models of digital magazines.   Continue

The Perfect Digital Magazine Template

Ed Coburn

Magazines are designed to be read from front to back. They have covers and a table of contents. Magazines are arranged in a series of articles. Compare that with other media, where the articles are arranged with taxonomies and hyperlinks, and are not linear.

Hyperlinking is not linear. Any medium that enables or encourages the reader to bounce around among hundreds or thousands of articles is not a linear medium. What’s more, humans desire closure, which magazines provide. A reader can say “I have read the April issue of Vanity Fair. I finished it on Sunday.”

Print to Web Success: Stories From the Digital Publishing Industry

Kim Mateus

Going from print to web is no longer the terrifying proposition for entrenched traditional publishers it was 10 years ago, but it’s still an intricate migration that requires you getting all of your ducks in a row (see what we did there?).   Continue

Meet Your Mequoda Institute Instructors

Don Nicholas

In less than five years, you’ll be glad you attended. Increase your revenues by 20% in the next 24 months, guaranteed…
Today is the day you register for the Mequoda Institute on May 3-4 in historic Boston, Massachusetts — the only event where you can learn the Mequoda secrets to multiplatform publishing success — because you’re ready to turn your   Continue