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Tag: platform publishing

Web Publishing Platforms: Little Things, Bloomberg, Messaging Apps

Digital magazines are decoding new web publishing platforms, but does it all just come down to content distribution strategy?
Well, the answer to that question is yes, but the execution is open to interpretation. When it comes to web publishing platforms, sometimes it can seem like your options are wide open. That’s because they are.

Observers of

Platform Publishing News: Of Juggernauts and Jobs

Digital platform publishing is credited with having ushered in an ongoing golden age for media, and the latest industry developments are doing nothing to dispel this notion. Four recent articles from Advertising Age reveal how the current social media and mobile content push is shaping companies’ plans for the future.

The Future of Special-Interest Media & Internet Marketing Strategy for Publishers

With the Mequoda Summit less than a week away, I’ve been thinking about how to kick things off on Thursday morning. With dozens of publishers, marketers, editors and designers flying thousands of miles to meet and discuss how we will make the transition from old media to new media, from single platform publishing to multi-platform publishing—I thought I’d offer up a new way to look at what we all face.