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Press Releases

Ways to Increase Website Traffic to Free Products

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses how increase website traffic to free products through inbound links from other websites.

(Nationwide)—Inbound links are a major way of getting a free product on page-one in Google. Next to search engine optimization, there isn’t anything more important in the line of organic marketing.

The following tips will help increase website traffic to free products. They include:  
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Free SEO Copywriting Handbook from Mequoda Group

This free SEO Copywriting Handbook from Mequoda Group discusses everything online writers need to know about search engine optimization.

(Nationwide)—For website pages to reach high Google rankings for specific keywords, they have to be include meaningful, useful copy and an array of targeted keywords and phrases.

In order to gain a competitive advantage, online writers need to first realize that more people than ever are using the Internet to find informational content. Second, it’s important to realize that all website pages are potential landing pages for your website.  
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Build Email Marketing List Circulation with Podcasts

This free report from Mequoda Group teaches how to use podcasts to build an email marketing list

(Nationwide)—The world of audio communication has found a home on the Internet. From podcasts to musical pieces, the media-rich environment has been reaching eager listeners for years. Content producers and online publishers looking to expand the ways in which they disseminate information should utilize this medium.

Podcasts aren’t just for the 30% of the population who are auditory learners, although it is likely more important to the people who fit into that category. Podcasts are for those who are on the go or those who prefer to listen opposed to read content.  
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Learn How to Manage Multi-Platform Brand Development for Online Publishing

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses seven steps for online publishers to use to turn a niche publication into a robust multi-platform brand

(Nationwide)—Cutting-edge publishing companies have gone from offering single products to a single audience to creating multi-platform brands. The most successful new media publishers that fit into this category deliver content to customers in any form at anytime the consumer wants it.

For online publishers, knowing what’s available, and possessing the desire to experiment with new potential revenue streams is important.

Additionally, there are three offers any modern media company must make to be successful on the Internet. They include:  
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Five Tips for Keeping Visitors on a Website and Getting Them to Take Action from Mequoda Group

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses how to keep visitors on your website and how to create successful sales letter landing pages

(Nationwide)—There is money to be made online. A key factor in doing so is getting visitors to stay on the website long enough to understand what information or products you provide.

Below are five tips that should be kept in mind while creating sales letter landing pages and working to keep visitors on the website:  
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Understand the Language of Landing Pages for Free from Mequoda Group

This free report from Mequoda Group will teach you necessary components and the lingo behind successful landing pages

(Nationwide)—Every page of your website is a landing page, especially in modern times when search engine optimization plays a big part in how websites get ranked. Since visitors may enter your website from any page, you should include conversion architecture throughout your entire site if you plan on converting website visitors into free email newsletter subscribers.

The following components of landing pages should be considered and utilized to their fullest if you want to have the power to convert website visitors into email subscribers. These include:  
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Mobile Site Usability Tips and Tricks from Mequoda Group

This free report from Mequoda Group provides information on properly creating mobile sites that are user-friendly

(Nationwide)—To be successful in the world of mobile sites, it’s important to keep the notion that ‘less is more’ in mind. Attempting to incorporate too much into a mobile site will only confuse and frustrate users.

Instead of trying to display as much of the site as possible, include the main category names first so visitors will see it as they arrive. It will help them maneuver the site better and they will know precisely where specific content will be housed.  
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Build a Valued Database of Subscribers with Proper Landing Page Optimization

This free report from Mequoda Group will give you best practices on creating landing pages that convert visitors into email subscribers  
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Learn How to Implement an Internet Marketing Strategy Model that Uses Free Content to Drive Online Traffic

Content producers and online publishers can utilize this modern Internet Marketing Strategy to reach niche markets while growing a fan base

(Nationwide)—Modern publishing professionals have stepped away from traditional publishing models by using free content as their internet marketing strategy to drive online traffic. A percentage of that traffic is then converted into email newsletter subscribers who receive fresh content from the publisher on a regular basis. The ability to reach an audience through emails helps to create meaningful relationships while also developing a potential revenue stream.  
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Email Newsletter Best Practice Guidelines from Mequoda Group

Learn email newsletter best practices to enhance your editorial management strategy

(Nationwide)—Having an email subscriber list is imperative to the success of online publishers and Internet marketers. Due to this fact, the Mequoda Group has compiled a list of recommended general best practices for establishing and executing an effective email correspondence strategy.

To begin, research and define the needs of your online audience. It’s necessary to elaborate on your assumptions and determine what the audience is doing online. This affords the ability to then cater email newsletter content to them.

Next, alignment between the goals of the publishing business and goals of the email newsletter need to be recognized. It should be possible to clearly justify and defend the business purpose behind each email newsletter.  
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Ways to Get 100% Google Visibility for Landing Pages While Engaging in SEO Campaign Management

This free report on SEO campaign management discusses ways successful online publishers are using niche terms to receive 100% search engine visibility
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Learn How to Use Multi-Media Content to Intrigue Readers and Keep Them on Your Sales Letter Landing Page

This free Landing Page Handbook offers insight on creating sales letter landing pages that sell  
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Discover the Best SEO Keyword Strategy for Free from Mequoda Group

Discover the Best SEO Keyword Strategy for Free from Mequoda Group

This SEO keyword strategy teaches the knowledge of which keyword phrases to target and how to engage in successful SEO campaign management  
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Free Online Press Release Guidelines

Learn how to successfully create and distribute press releases
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Learn How Online Writers Are Successfully Blogging for Profit with Mequoda Group’s Free Report

Discover how writers have evolved from being freelance professionals to paid bloggers that are constantly building a reputation online with Mequoda Group’s Blogging for Profit free report  
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SEO Copywriting Tips for Writing and Optimizing Landing Pages

Building communities based around keywords related to your business will end up benefiting everyone involved
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Learn How to be a Stronger SEO Copywriter with Help from the Google Keyword Tool

Begin experiencing organic growth by utilizing Google’s Keyword Tool in order to find the best keywords to target with your SEO copywriting efforts  
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Learn How to Write and SEO Topic Descriptions with These SEO Copywriting Tips

Portals on specific topics will direct your visitors to the content they are most interested in  
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Learn SEO Copywriting Secrets for Free

Find the perspective of your potential customer  
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Learn SEO Copywriting Secrets in this Free SEO Copywriting Handbook

Start writing for the Internet so your website can be found and indexed by search engines  
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Internet Business Models and Strategies Explained

9 essential tips to turn your print publication into an online media business  
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Free Report: How to Write a White Paper That Sells

Learn the five best practices free
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Content Marketing 2010 Seminars Teach Online Strategy for Businesses

Attend this seminar and begin forging stronger relationships with customers  
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Website Homepage Design Tips and Tools

Learn how to create a user-friendly website that satisfies visitors
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Learn the Content Marketing Strategy with this Free Report

Start forging meaningful relationships with consumers today  
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