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Tag: internet marketing system

How to Hire a Multiplatform Internet Marketing Company to Help Grow Your Online Business

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably looking for an Internet marketing company, agency or consultant to help with your Internet marketing strategy and execution.

Internet marketing is easy to do and hard to master.

Internet marketing companies come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re shopping for one, it’s important to find an Internet marketing company that’s a good match for your organization. What makes an Internet marketing company a good match for you?

Mequoda Summit East 2011 Announcement

Learn How to Start and Run a Successful Online Business at the Mequoda Summit East 2011, September 13-16th

Discover first-hand the techniques used by online publishers and content marketers for supercharging your online business

(Boston, MA)—The Mequoda Summit East 2011, a hands-on program featuring keynote presentations, panel sessions, interactive workshops and networking opportunities, will take place September 13-16th, 2011 in the greater Boston area.

This Mequoda Summit will feature a new three-track format, new speakers and all the networking opportunities Mequoda Summits are famous for. The agenda for the Mequoda Summit East 2011 includes the following:

Week in Review: September 20th, 2010 – September 24th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Week in Review: September 13th, 2010 – September 17th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Week In Review: May 24th, 2010 – May 28th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Mequoda Content Marketing System Key Characteristics

Four building blocks that make up our content marketing system

Building Email Circulation

This revealing Mequoda/SIPA Webinar Offers 41 Sources You Could be Using to Increase Website Traffic & Attract Qualified Email Subscribers

Content Marketing 2010

In 90 minutes, you’ll discover how to use content to sell books, apps, subscriptions and live events

Internet Marketing System

The Mequoda Internet Marketing System is a two-step marketing program that uses a Mequoda Internet Hub to attract new customers, capture email addresses and build customer relationships that supports a robust multi-channel database marketing program. The 13 media sources sitting under the hub are paid and free sources a publisher can can utilize to drive people to the company’s all-important Mequoda Internet Hub.

Making Money Online

Seven Strategies that Successful Publishers are Using to Turn their Traditional Publishing Brands into Internet-Centric Media Companies

Profiting in the New Publishing Environment

Join Don and Kim at the SiPA conference in DC and learn all the latest trends and best practices in this new publishing environment

Using Paid Media to Build Email Circulation

Paid media programs balance your Internet marketing system

While patience is a required virtue for earned media programs, paid media programs offer the Mequoda Marketing System operator the opportunity for quick results with a reasonable ROI (return on investment). Each of these programs involves finding and buying traffic by spending money to buy advertising, leads or lists.

Using Earned Media to Build Email Circulation

Should your internet marketing system include earned media?

Email circulation and revenue per email subscriber are the two key metrics for every Mequoda Marketing System. The first priority for system operators is building email circulation. The goal is to attract as many subscribers as possible to the free email newsletter and let the newsletter’s content do the job of filtering the good from the bad. The key concept is that customers who signup and stay active subscribers are those most likely to buy paid information products.

How to Start and Run an Effective Online Marketing System

Key components of the Mequoda Internet Marketing System

The launch and operation of a Mequoda Marketing System can be divided into four phases. Most of the steps in each phase are then repeated over and over again to build email circulation and monetize customer relationships.

8 Landing Page Templates

The newest free report from the Mequoda Group

Looking for a crash course in landing pages? How about for free?

Well you’re in luck, Mequoda has a new free special report: 8 Master Landing Page Templates and When to Use Them. Just follow the link, submit your email address and the report is yours.

Landing pages are a vital component to any Internet marketing system. If you’re not optimizing your landing pages, the time to start is now because you are losing conversions.

5 Lists to Audit Internet Marketing Strategies

Use this simple process to make your Internet marketing system a continuous improvement machine that produces ever-increasing revenue and profit

About 80 to 100 times a year, I get hired to audit or review the Internet marketing strategy for a publisher who has a website that is making money. The goal of the review is to find five to ten changes to their current Internet marketing system that will make more money.

A Formula for Email Marketing

This Mequoda System Operator has found high profitability with a unique Internet marketing strategy

The website and email newsletter feature updates five days a week, with editorials sent on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and promotions sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”Mequoda essentially gave us the winning formula, which was to create a newsletter where 60 percent of it was editorial and 40 percent of it was marketing,” said HR Daily Advisor Managing Editor Jay Schleifer.The editorial strategy for HR Daily is what Schleifer calls the “1-2 punch” sequence, where a human resources problem is posed on Monday and Wednesday, and the solutions to those problems are delivered via a product offer on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday’s are left for stand-alone editorials.Last week, for example, an HR Daily article cited several statistics that illustrated the need for managers to provide feedback to employees. The next day’s article discussed how a BLR product helps managers constructively provide employees feedback. The “1-2 punch” strategy is proving to be very successful, Schleifer said.

Risks of Borrowed Content

Want to use other people’s content? Are you ready to risk your brand for it?

Many of my clients are creating a book series that supports and monetizes their brand’s knowledge base and information architecture. Some are experienced book publishers and some are experienced periodical publishers. While both skills are required to be a successful Mequoda Internet Marketing System operator, most of my clients do not possess both sets of skills.

Higher Revenue from Full Systems

You need a full marketing system to maximize revenue

Let’s face it: Internet marketing is complicated.

It’s based in a constantly evolving environment and requires a comprehensive system to be effective.

As yesterday’s Daily explained, the foundation for that system should be an Internet Hub.

Hubs attract users and capture their information for your marketing file for later monetization.

Setting up and designing your Hub is a large part of what we call Phase 1 of an Internet marketing system’s creation.

Profitably Control Website Traffic

Capture more revenue from your website traffic

Having an efficient, all encompassing Internet marketing system requires discipline.

You need constant attention to identify problems and repair them.

The difficulty for most publishers is that, at first, Internet marketing problems are totally unpredictable. That’s because, as publishers, we’re not used to working online.

We solve a problem one day, only to realize that it has caused another one to materialize. It’s frustrating.

A Gathering of Minds

Attend SIPA’s June conference and take home practical methods to make your company more profitable.

SIPA’s 31st Annual International Newsletter and Specialized Information Conference is set to be three days of discussing the most powerful industry trends and best practices. It is being held from June 3 to June 5 in Washington, DC, and will feature more than 45 sessions and 56 roundtable discussions on the latest online publishing and newsletter information.

3 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back

Use different emails to relate to your customers in different ways.

The Mequoda Group is a strong advocate for the power of email. It is cheap, easy and effective at maintaining customer relationships. However, an effective email marketing campaign cannot be initiated without a plan.

If you want to maintain customer relationships, Mequoda Pro contributing editor and Clickz email marketing columnist Jeanne Jennings has a new book, The Email Marketing Campaign, that outlines three emails that will help do it.

3 Ingredients for Successful Online Marketing

How email newsletters, conversion architecture and incentives will help build your audience.

Online marketing expert and ecommerce guru Andrew Palmer ran a campaign last year to build subscriptions to Agora’s free email newsletter, The Daily Reckoning. Palmer tested a self-titled “free on free” offer that gave every user who signed up for The Daily Reckoning a free special report titled Real Asset Explosion: Make Ten Times Your Money in the Astounding Resource Boom of 2006-2007.

Internet Marketing Strategy: Acknowledging that Consumers Hate Ads

An effective Internet marketing system distributes valuable content without charge

If you’re still using traditional online advertising as part of your Internet marketing strategy, know this: Nobody is paying attention!

According to a recent Forrester Research Study, only 13 percent of consumers admit that they buy products because of online ads, and a negligible six percent believe that companies generally tell the truth in ads.

House of White Birches Website Design Review

House of White Birches, a division of the Dynamic Resource Group, is an experienced print publisher. It has an enviable collection of magazines and book titles. It has carved out several profitable special-interest niches that it addresses with excellent products. But like many other successful print publishers, its Internet marketing strategy is not well executed.

The site suffers from disorganization and an inferior architecture that confuses users and diminishes sales.

Integrated Online Publishing for 2007

Creating a Flexible and Adaptable Business Plan that Will Maximize Your 2007 Online Revenues & Profits

Perhaps the thing I like most about the Mequoda Marketing System is its flexibility.

This online publishing system is all about maximizing the value of online advertising inventory (website space, email newsletters and email promotions). This is true no matter how you monetize the inventory.

Prisoners, Vacationers and Adventurers: Three Types Who Attend Publishing Seminars and Marketing Workshops

Our Mequoda editor-at-large, Peter Schaible, says he has identified three types of seminar attendees.

The prisoner doesn’t want to be at the event; the boss has assigned him to attend, but the prisoner is too arrogant to think he should learn anything new.

The vacationer is physically in attendance at the workshop, but he’s not fully engaged. He enjoys visiting new places and having a few meals out on the company expense account, but he is too lazy to learn new skills that challenge his old habits or take him out of his comfort zone.

How to Start and Run an Effective Internet Marketing System

The Mequoda Marketing System is comprised of the person in search of the information—the user; the publisher of the information—the operator; and the partner, or partners who work with the publisher to send traffic to the publishing website. The goal of the system is to acquire, build and monetize customer relationships. The system relies heavily on user and partner activity, a characteristic that allows the publisher to generate higher than average revenue per employee.

Selling Content Twice – Field Notes from the America’s Test Kitchen Mequoda Case Study

When I interviewed Chris Kimball for Subscription Marketing in the late 90s, he told me an amazing thing about his business. At the time, he had 250,000 subscribers to Cook’s Illustrated. He also had 65,000 subscribers to the Cook’s Illustrated Annuals—the six issues plus an index in a hard cover binding.

When I inquired about how the magazine and annual buyers were different, Chris told me that the annual buyers were largely a subset of the magazine subscribers. I was impressed by his vision and by the fact the 25 percent of his subscribers were ready and willing to pay twice for the same content—repackaged into a reference tool.

University Health Publishing Launches Next Generation Mequoda Marketing System

I turned 50 this past December. We were about halfway thru the process of designing, testing, writing and coding Johns Hopkins Health Alerts and the 29 marketing websites that surround it form the Johns Hopkins Health Network. Stuart Jordan, who is COO for Johns Hopkins Health Alerts and its parent, University Health Publishing, gave me a copy of the 704 page Johns Hopkins Medical Guide to Health After 50 as a birthday gift—along with 50 lottery tickets. Over the past 23 years, Stuart and I have been friends, partners and cohorts in numerous endeavors. It was the first time Stuart and I had been able to work together on a major venture since the sale of Lighthouse in 1994. This alone made the Johns Hopkins Health Alerts project incredibly meaningful for me.

Online Publishing Secret #6: Implement the Mequoda Marketing Model

The major differentiation between the Internet marketing strategy of the Mequoda System and that of traditional publishing models is the use of free content to drive online traffic. By offering free content (e.g., email newsletter subscriptions, HTML webpage access, eBooks or eReports, blogs or Web feeds) through a variety of free and/or paid media sources, a publisher can entice interested individuals to a website—a Mequoda Internet Hub.

The First Rule of the Mequoda Marketing System

The first rule of the Mequoda Internet Marketing System is to make it as easy as possible to start a customer relationship—and give something away. Don’t ask for the money right away. But gives away volumes of priceless content without even asking for an email address in return.

The Daily Reckoning Mequoda Case Study

Agora Financial Network: Understanding the Seven Strategies that Drive the World’s Most Successful Special-Interest Website Network

The Mequoda Group estimates that the Agora Financial Network will post top-line revenues for 2006 of $55 million, with $41 million being generated online. This makes each of its 500,000 domestic subscribers worth about $82.

Seven Google AdWords Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Google AdWords is the #1 way to test and quickly increase targeted website traffic.

Unlike most other sources used by the Mequoda Internet Marketing System to drive targeted website traffic, Google AdWords can be turned on and off quickly, and when managed properly, produce very predictable results.

How to Get on TV to Increase Targeted Website Traffic

Discover how one savvy Internet marketing professional increased her targeted website traffic beyond her wildest dreams and generated 252,978 new email newsletter subscribers worth more than $3 million. Learn the simple steps she took to get on TV and drive targeted website traffic to her niche media website.

Mequoda Internet Marketing System 2.0

Welcome to the new Mequoda Daily – a merger of the Mequoda Café Daily, Mequoda Research Update and Mequoda Media Advisor.

In an effort to take our own advice, we’ve reset our email contact frequency to provide you with one short, easy-to-read tip every weekday under the Mequoda Daily nameplate. Our research says you’ll think the new experience is an improvement that will make our content easier for you to access. We look forward to your feedback.

Naked online publishing and Internet marketing is how one Mequoda client describes what we do here at the Mequoda Group. We believe that to teach we must do and so our 30-person team is engaged in three separate, but closely related activities:

Mequoda Applauds AOL and Yahoo! Premium Email Delivery Plan

Internet marketing professionals, users, email services providers and Internet service providers are all winners with AOL and Yahoo!’s plan to provide legitimate email senders a premium delivery email plan that guarantees their mail makes it to the inbox.

A General Manager to Drive Your Internet Marketing Strategy

What both types of CEOs have in common is the need for someone to execute their Internet marketing strategy on a day-to-day basis. Enter the Internet Marketing System General Manager and Publisher of your Mequoda Internet Hub.

PR & Earned Media 101: A Scorecard

Internet Marketing System guidelines for conversion architecture

Many publishers can accomplish an Earned Media Campaign using PR to drive traffic and do it very well, meaning that they’ll do something newsworthy and then they’ll do an okay job—or even a terrific job—of getting the story picked up by the bigger media outlets.

PR & Earned Media 101: Maximize Website Conversions and Start Relationships Internet Marketing System Review

As we’ve mentioned before, a press release, tv spot, or any other type of public relations outreach should always include promoting a free product. Whatever the item a publisher decides to give away, it should be linked to a dedicated landing page with a strong conversion architecture that requires the visitor to give up an email address to download the free item. The dedicated landing page should also invite the visitor to sign up for a free email newsletter—one that promises to be filled with tips, tidbits, and interesting information about a specific topic of interest.

PR & Earned Media 101: Getting Reviewed & Mentioned Internet Marketing System Review

Getting on TV is just one of many ways to leverage other people’s media and drive website traffic—people who will log onto your website, register to download the free item, and, you hope, sign up for your free email newsletter. From simple search-optimized press releases to radio talk shows and local newspapers, PR is an effective Internet marketing tactic that works best when the release includes a crystal-clear reason why readers and viewers need to visit your website.

PR & Earned Media 101: Isolate a newsworthy idea and tie it to a free downloadable item Internet Marketing System Review

To draw traffic to your Mequoda Internet Hub—the place where people can sign up for your free, relationship-building, email newsletter—you need a catalyst, a free item that lines up with a topic that’s endemic to the audience in terms of their interest and on which the publisher or author is a source of authority. To even consider mentioning your free item, the other journalist—the one whom you hope will pick up your news item—must be convinced that the producer or author of the giveaway is a credible provider of information.

Making PR & Earned Media Work For You – 3 easy steps

Three essential for a Mequoda Internet Marketing System

The Mequoda guideline for using public relations to drive website traffic comprises three basic elements that are simple to understand and easy to accomplish.

An Internet Business Model for Your Internet Marketing System

Download an easy-to-use Excel-based modeling and budgeting tool to guide your online marketing and publishing efforts to higher profits.

Implementing and Iterating an Internet Marketing System

How to leverage valuable content to create customer loyalty and build repeat sales. A step-by-step guide to the Mequoda Internet Marketing System.

Designing a Mequoda Internet Hub and Internet Marketing System

The Mequoda Internet Hub is the heart of a high-performance Internet Marketing System that is fueling extreme growth for the handful of savvy information marketers that have one. Here are some lessons learned from analyzing more than 20 existing Internet Hubs and then designing and building six Mequoda Internet Hubs for a variety of publishers.

Is Your Internet Marketing System What It Should Be?

While some Internet marketers use a single source to acquire new customers, others use an intricate Internet Marketing System of up to 13 programs to increase website traffic. What’s driving your Internet Marketing System?