5 Overlooked SEO Tips for Google Visibility

Don’t forget these SEO tips for Google visibility, or your SEO efforts will be lacking

Aristotle once said, “Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals.”

I bet Aristotle would be enthralled by the technology we have today, especially search engines.

I doubt he could imagine seeking answers to questions for meeting goals in the comfort of one’s home.

Are you helping your audience reach their goals by offering content they can find easily in search engines? If not, you’re missing out on being a valuable provider to your audience members.

Keep the following SEO tips for Google visibility in mind while optimizing your next piece of content. Some of these suggestions come from SEOmoz, who are a great resource for search engine optimization.

Five overlooked SEO tips for Google visibility

  • Give all articles a keyword-rich title. The title is such an integral part of your post that tells your audience members what the content is about, so your primary keyword phrases need to be in it. Since you don’t want your titles to be truncated in search engine results pages, you should strive for a title under 66 characters. If you cannot create a title under 66 characters, make sure your primary keyword phrases are used early on in the URL. To provide enough clarity with your title, make sure it’s over 20 characters.
  • Reduce subfolders in your URLs. The more subfolders in your URL, the deeper Google will think your content is. It’s unlikely to get ranked as high as possible if you’re telling Google your content is over five subfolders deep.

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  • Use hyphens in your URLs. Incorporating keywords into your URLs adds to your search engine optimization. When doing this, separate your keyword phrases with hyphens so that Google’s understands the difference between words.
  • Use keywords when defining alt text and titling images. It’s very easy to be guilty of not titling images, but remember: you get credit for more keywords and you can easily describe an image when you title it with keyword phrases.
  • Content. At the very least, your content needs to be 300 characters and 50 words long to be considered by Google.

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    Very important to not use too many keywords too many times. If you are marked as spam by google, your website is pretty much useless.


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