SEO Basics: Creating Website Posts that Get Found

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SEO Basics: Creating Website Posts that Get Found

Learn how to develop website content that gets found in search engines and increases traffic to your website

Dear Colleague,

With thousands of blogs on the Internet, how can you make sure the right people find your content?

Some might answer that question with “social media” or “paid advertising.” And although relevant options, they will not help you find the biggest audience of online users.

When it comes to tapping into the biggest audiences searching for the content you provide, you need to turn to search engine optimization.

Search engines are not going anywhere, especially since, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 92% of adults online have used search engines with 59% reporting they use search engines daily.

Turning to search engines for content has become habitual. Since Google is still king of search engines, it’s time to learn how you can feed your content into Google and have it found by your audience members.

In our 90-minute webinar SEO Basics: Creating Website Posts that Get Found, you will discover all the parts of a post that need to be optimized and how to optimize them. You will also experience the process of developing a “Blockbuster Post” by carefully studying your content and the topics of importance to your audience.


Here are a few things you will learn if you order our 90-minute SEO Basics webinar on-demand (or CD):

  • How to create headlines that get found by utilizing keyword phrases
  • How to develop an SEO post description that Google will index
  • All the relevant parts of your SEO post that need to be optimized for search engines
  • How to control internal linking
  • The importance of primary and secondary keyword phrases
  • How to choose a keyword cluster as your focal point
  • How to address meta titles and keyword tags
  • How to calculate keyword density
  • The process you should take for monitoring your results through analytics (including your click-through rates and page views for associated posts)
  • How to create blockbuster SEO posts

How to bring in hundreds or thousands of new readers each month

Online-based writers and editors have a tremendous opportunity that others before them did not.

Today, not only can keywords be researched, but statistics on how well a subject is covered can be determined.

Do you currently understand topics of importance to your audience that aren’t covered adequately online?

Do you know what information your audience finds the most appealing on your website?

These are two components to discovering topics for developing blockbuster posts, which are covered in SEO Basics.

During this webinar, Chris Sturk, Managing Editor at Mequoda, will bring you through a step-by-step process he has used to create blockbuster posts. During this process, he will also share with you characteristics that Mequoda’s top-performing posts have in common.

As soon as SEO Basics is over, you will be able to look through your analytics and keyword universe to discover possible blockbuster posts. If you take the time to create the post as instructed in this webinar, you may be on the way to hundreds or thousands of new audience members each month.

Audit your SEO posts

After this 90-minute SEO-focused presentation, you will have heard and seen examples of how to create SEO posts that will get found by your audience.

For assistance with your copy, you will receive a checklist for our SEO audit, which should be kept on your desk every time you’re finalizing an SEO post.

Each step will remind you to SEO a specific part of your post to maximize your chances of ranking well in Google’s search queries.


About your webinar speakers

As Mequoda’s Chief Content Officer, Kim Mateus is always focusing on the content that gets posted on the Mequoda Daily, in webinars and at live sessions during Mequoda Summits.

She understands, and has seen, the positive effects that search engine optimization can do for website traffic and conversions.

Chris Sturk, Mequoda’s Managing Editor, has written numerous SEO posts, from articles to rapid conversion landing pages and SEO press releases. He understands the SEO process, actively partakes in it and enjoys teaching others what he has learned from his time at Mequoda Group.

If more organic traffic is your desire, then SEO Basics is the perfect resource. Not only will you receive tips that have been tested and proven successful, you will learn from two instructors that understand and take part in the process frequently.

For online publishers and content marketers to be successful in 2011 and beyond, organic media that can be found by audience members via search engines needs to be a part of the main online strategy.

If you don’t understand SEO to the fullest extent, you’re missing out on higher page ranks. We guarantee a better understanding of SEO, and a strategy proven to get your content indexed and ranked by Google.

If you’d like to view our SEO Basics: Creating Website Posts that Get Found 90-minute webinar on-demand, or on CD, order now.



Don Nicholas

Chief Executive Officer

Mequoda Group


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Kim Mateus

Chief Content Officer

Mequoda Group


Chris Sturk

Managing Editor

Mequoda Group



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