6 Tips for Using YouTube for PR

Reach your audience through the power of video

The Internet has changed the power PR professionals have.

In the past, media and public relations was heavily dependent on developing relationships with journalists and editors.

Today’s digital landscape allows PR pros to reach the media and their audience through blogs, press release distribution websites and social networks. These opportunities allow for easier communication and the ability to raise awareness surrounding your company’s activities.

A recent article form Mashable discussed how PR professionals can us YouTube to display their messages. As video is an incredibly popular medium online, these tips may prove to be very valuable.

6 tips for PR on YouTube

#1 – Kick off a campaign: If your organization is releasing a new product, video is a great way to show the uses and benefits associated with your product.

#2 – Respond to a crisis: Hopefully you will never have to respond to a crisis, but as a PR professional, it is your job to address such issues if they arise. Creating a video will put a personal touch to the response and will ideally comfort your audience.

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#3 – Uncover communities: Since YouTube is a social site; comments left by users can help show their interest in specific topics. Search throughout the site to find audiences that resonate with your core topics. These are the users you will want to engage in conversation with.

#4 – Extend your brand: Did you know that YouTube profile pages could be customized? To extend your brand on YouTube, enhance your profile page with the same look as your homepage. Users will begin to recognize your branded YouTube channel and associate it with your website’s content.

#5 – Connect with media and bloggers: All of the videos you have on your YouTube channel can be shared with members of the media and bloggers. Supply them with links to the site and pitch them on story ideas. The goal in this process is to get your videos shared by the bloggers and journalists you reach out to.

#6 – Measurement: YouTube has involved in its ability to report statistics on videos. Using the tools within YouTube, you can see how many people have viewed your videos and where they are located geographically.

Public relations is now more public because of the Internet. PR professionals should take advantage of this by using the personal medium of video as a way to build brand recognition and communicate with an audience directly, and to the media.

For more examples, take a look at the original article from Mashable.


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