Coming to You Live: Audience Development for Digital Publishers

Your best audience development activities will lead to face-to-face interaction

I recently read an article about digital publishers “swapping analogue dollars for digital dimes.” The article made a lot of sense, and got me thinking about its suggestions, and ways to development a stronger form of online advertising.

My big take away from this article by Josh Gordon is to diversify your information offerings to develop not only more efficient revenue streams, but to help your audience development activities in the process.

Legacy publishers with an archive of content can share it (with relevant updates) in the form of sponsored webinars or events. Taking the sponsorship path allows you leverage avenues beyond traditional space ads on your website. If you do not want to seek sponsorships, you can still present content at live events and live webinars.

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How many publishers have you seen presenting live events for their audience members? They certainly happen, and are profitable, throughout an array of industries that have dedicated fans.

An article from eMedia Vitals recently shared statistics from B2B magazines who have turned to conferences and trade shows. Both these types of events have been successful in generating higher average revenue per user.

For our own live events, we’ve had attendees tell us that the ability to stand face-to-face, ask questions, and network with like-minded individuals is just as important as the content being shared.

In a digital environment it’s still important to nurture personal relationships. Have you decided to create greater interactivity with live webinars, conferences, or trade shows? Please share your story in the comments below.


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