Detailed Analytics – The Newest Tool for Audience Development

The Audience Development Consulting Program helps define all relevant parts of your content to dictate future improvements

Analytics may not really be the newest tool for audience development, but a comprehensive set of analytics compiled in one location is certainly new for many audience development professionals.

What data are you already looking at in your audience development strategy? Keyword data is probably your main answer. It’s important to track the search volume, competition, and rankings of your brand’s most relevant keyword phrases.

In our Audience Development Consulting Program, we cover keyword statistics and Google visibility through the Google Visibility Report (GVR) and the Keyword Performance Report. These reporting tools are not new to our Mequoda community, as we’ve been utilizing them for years.

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What is new however, are the Content Performance Report and the Traffic Source Report. These tools take a deep dive into your content – article pages, free reports, etc. – and provide all the pertinent data needed for optimizing your content strategy. With this information you can tell which content drives the most traffic, has the most “sticky” traffic, and which topics aren’t worth pursuing as heavily.

To learn more about the specifics of the Audience Development Consulting Program, please download a free digital copy of the program’s brochure. If you seek more information at that point, please set up a call with Ann-Marie via email ( or by phone at 866-713-1005.


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