Email Promotions and Editorial Content: The Makings of a Successful Email Calendar

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Customer loyalty is important in any business, throughout all industries. Loyal customers will continue to do business with you and will likely spread the word about your products or services.

Email marketing lists help to keep track of all of your loyal customers. They also allow you to reach out to these customers and keep them informed about what’s new and exciting about your business.

It’s important to realize that email isn’t just about selling products. It should be viewed as your primary means of sharing great content.

In order to put a successful email marketing strategy into play, you should be offering a mix of editorial content and promotional materials. Aligning the two will help even more as the validity in the products is seen even clearer that way.


Ideas on a successful email calendar:

-Combining a mix of editorial and promotional content will help maximize customer lifetime value.

-Create a cyclical email schedule that includes editorial and promotional content.

-Allow 20-25% of your emails to be promotional in nature. This way the editorial content is outweighing the blatant promotions.

-Promote for your best selling products or time-sensitive events the most.

-A week in review email is a great way to recap your entire editorial content from the week while promoting for your products through in-line text ads and banners on the right of left nav.

Good online editors should compile content a week in advance to properly align products with editorial content and to assure publishing deadlines will be met.

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