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Tag: email marketing strategy

Subject Line Spam Trigger Words

Email subject lines are just one part of the email delivery equation. Emails are delivered to inboxes based on subject lines, content, and reputation. In some cases, engagement is even applied to this filter.

In Email Marketing, They Can’t Buy Your Product if They Don’t Open

In the world of email marketing, testing is king. The subject line is your first chance to get your subscribers to read your message. It may be the deciding factor between whether the email is opened, or moved immediately to the trash bin.

Big Strength Behind Email Marketing Continues

A new report on email marketing from ClickZ with Adestra reveals adjustments to email user habits

Email marketing is still a powerful medium, even though some pundits have been talking about its decline for years. A new report from ClickZ with Adestra details the value of email marketing today.

5 Metrics for Email Marketing

Understanding the importance of email marketing in-person

You need to look at email metrics to develop the most beneficial email marketing strategy. Only your specific metrics will tell the story of your audience’s interaction with email content.

Along with the most popular content, you should pay close attention to click-throughs per campaign, revenue per subscriber, revenue per m emails sent and revenue per campaign. These metrics will help you plan future email marketing campaigns.

Why Email Click-Through Rates Matter

A look at top articles on email marketing from this summer

How much time do you spend on your email marketing strategy? Do you ever wish to spend less time with email and more time with social media or search engine optimization?

These thoughts have probably developed within your organization before. Social media is extremely popular and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down too much. Search engine optimized content can lead to more website around the clock, too. But the right audience may not always see you. Even though search and social have valuable places online, they don’t quite have the allure of email marketing.

9 Tips for the Modern Email Marketer

Ways to get the most from your email marketing activities

As a daily editor, I’m always keeping my eyes open for the topics that our audience cares about. From email marketing to audience development and the advancements within the digital publishing community, there is always new content to share or existing strategies to remind people of.

Over the last few months, it has seemed that the topic of email marketing has been growing in popularity. Each week I find more industry members discussing ways to improve an email marketing strategy. Or they are sharing statistics on email marketing studies they have conducted.

5 Tips for Being a Good Email Marketer

After your email marketing strategy is in place, there are a few actions that will turn you into a better email marketer

If you are new to email marketing, or have been doing it without receiving the type of results you expect, there are a few ways to become better at optimizing your list and attracting new subscribers.

The tips below share ideas for becoming an all around better email marketer. If you have additional tips, please share them in the comments below.

In Email Marketing, Timing is Important

There are days when active decisions lead to favorable results

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I took a trip to northern Vermont. After a long day of hiking the state’s tallest mountain, I experienced the concept of ‘timing is everything’ firsthand.

After the hike, we were seeking refreshments to replenish after the five-hour trek. In true Vermont style, we stopped at the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury. We had arrived at 5:58 pm, and just as we entered the line to place our order, the gate was closed. If we had arrived mere seconds later, we wouldn’t have been able to satisfy our craving. On that humid, sunny day, our timing was just right.

3 Techniques Most Email Marketers Aren’t Using

A look at ways to advance the email marketing process

I recently took a look through GetResponse’s new free report entitled “The State of Email Marketing in SMBs”.

The data was conducted throughout two weeks in November 2011, and focused on responses from 600 respondents.

Right off the bat there was some interesting finds, like these four stats:

Email Newsletter Analysis for Advanced Campaigns

Are you familiar with advancements that may change your email campaigns significantly, but don’t know how to make these changes?

Email marketing can be very successful if you have a product or service that people want to buy.

Email marketing can also be very stressful if you aren’t seeing the results you believe are within reach.

A Look at Lifecycle Email Marketing

Are you sending email marketing campaigns at the right times?

Email marketers have a few campaign approaches.

They can send to their entire file as a bulk email. This is typically done for specific one-off products, services or events.

7 Steps to Improving Email Delivery

Email strategy consultant Jeanne Jennings shares some important insight

We talk at lengths about the power and relevancy email plays in today’s digital world.

As a habitual activity familiar to the majority of online users, email doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Although some age groups may not use it as much for communication with friends as they use social media, the relevance still lies in being a trusted medium for business activities and financial transactions. From paying bills to receiving email newsletters, email provides a means to an end not found through other online services.

Understanding SEO Campaign Management

Elect SEO campaign management in 2011 as your main strategy for organic search engine listings

Optimizing content for search engines has become an everyday practice for online publishers and content marketers.

SEO campaign management helps websites target their audiences with valuable content instead of obtrusive advertisements.

The strategy of SEO campaign management, when executed properly, helps increase visibility, email conversions and overall revenue through an array of activities.

Shhh… Here’s How to Get Email Marketing Secrets from the Pro’s

Don’t just pay attention to the email marketing experts – pay attention to the email delivery experts too!

In addition to this here Mequoda blog, there are some hidden gems that I always look to when I’m doing email marketing research. These blogs are actually the blogs of the email service providers (ESP’s) themselves.

Some ESP’s will simply give you updates of their services, while better ones will actually give you insight into how to create better email marketing campaigns.

Email Promotions and Editorial Content: The Makings of a Successful Email Calendar

Discover valuable insight from our Editorial Management Guidelines free report

Download your free digital copy of Editorial Management Guidelines for Online Publishers now

Customer loyalty is important in any business, throughout all industries. Loyal customers will continue to do business with you and will likely spread the word about your products or services.

Email marketing lists help to keep track of all of your loyal customers. They also allow you to reach out to these customers and keep them informed about what’s new and exciting about your business.

What an Email Marketing List Subscriber is Worth

This free report from Mequoda Group a valuable metric for email marketing, methods for building an email marketing list and ways to increase website traffic.

(Nationwide)—Knowing what an email marketing list subscriber is worth is important to the health of any online business. There is a single ratio many email marketers use to figure out the amount of money that can be made from each subscriber while engaging in email marketing.

This ratio is one that will be used often as the size of an email marketing list changes. Ideally, each time this ratio is used the total revenue per subscriber will increase. That’s a hope all online publishers and email marketers have. If you adhere to the Mequoda best practices for online publishing and Internet marketing, then the chances of increasing revenue will be very possible. We have seen results where revenue per subscriber for clients doubled, and even triple, within 12 months.

Email Marketing Strategy: Add a Press Release to your Email Newsletter

Why Harvard Health Publications includes press releases in its email marketing mix

Harvard Health Publications makes its email newsletter subscribers feel like privileged members of the fourth estate.

As part of its email marketing strategy, the publisher sends out only four email messages monthly, often mailing a modification of its press releases to the 50,000 subscribers to HEALTHbeat, its free email newsletter.